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Found myself helping a lot of people with their animals through my life. Coaching work and i thought well rather than sending people to a dog trainer. Why don't i just learn more about dog. Training and beaver lake get certified in it and make it official. And so i ended up. Getting certified is a dog trainer through the animal behavior. College and i went. And i trained with cesar milan. The dog whisper at his dog. Ecology center. Here in santa clarita outside of la. And i just immersed myself in. That and quickly became a member of his team. I was teaching classes at his ranch on the weekends and working at his. His events workshops for has people from all over the world come into town for like four or five day events to learn about energy and on dog behavior and training and i moved up within his team and became the meditation director on his team. It just took things to a whole new level because it was everything. I was learning in hearing him talking about. I was like yes. This is what i've been experiencing or this is what i've been feeling guided to do recognizing energy and how energy effects animals and how our thoughts feelings and emotions could potentially affect a sensitive dog and also working with people to make the connection for people so there really is any dog training. There can be kind of a life. Coaching aspect of it. Because you're working with the person absolutely telling them in your piecing things together. You're helping them communicate better with their dog in a way that there may be not understanding because they're so far in the forest the trees of the situation. There was something here where you know being able to help. People understand what their pets are thinking and feeling and being sorted that like translator and then helping people in their own life. Maybe make some shifts because a lot of times when animals are having behavioral challenges. It's a result of the person being stressed or sad or worried or too excited and so helping people manage their energy commoner energy specifically through meditation. It just really came together. Yup i started really build a a following clients and And i really felt fine only like on purpose my whole life. I wasn't sure what my purpose was. Ideally what i realized they really wanna be able to do is work with animals and help people with their animals and help people and to feel inspired and just feel joyful and animals are an opportunity there like a gateway to that especially i ex exactly i wanted to ask you about about harlow and your experience with her cooper was like the you know the big inspiration the soul mate dog yet but harlow she was a two year. Old pit lab mix. It may be on it. Never got her tested but definitely pit. I thought like. Wow i cure. I thought i knew sensitive dogs and this dog was like two times thousand and i was just so freaked out and that was a real calling for me to step it up and to take it to a new level up the ante and my understanding leadership for sensitive dogs at her level so she ended up being so transformational she transforms. Because that's when i was working at cesar milan's ranch so is bringing her to our events and she was working with students. I would bring all of my dogs to work with students. And she was like the greatest teacher because a student would be handed her leash and she would just drop and wouldn't move and people would have to learn how to get her to walk and all about their calm confident energy and respond to calm confident energy. If you had a clear intention knew what you're doing she would move and it was amazing. Seeing how she would work with people. In caesar use her he would specifically request her for a certain demonstrations of how she would respond to different people's energy so she she came out of her shell. She was desensitized. And you know they're always little memories big memories and feelings and reminders of her presence around and in all the work i do at the ranch is caesar's ranch at events she's always mentioned in celebrated as being this profound teacher in even the everything i learned from her aunt from cooper i in his helping when i'm working with other people. I was educated through them. So when other people are facing issues like dilated cardiomyopathy or cooper incontinence or hip display. Zsa were skin allergies or things like that. I'm all the more educated. Because i've experienced it with them. So and harlin passing away. Two years ago this spring still brickhouse still youthful. She came to me when she was two and She she left when she was nine. But i was so grateful for her and everything i learned from her and and the money came in a few months after he's carrying the torch for harlow and he's not sensitive at all. He's he's a big ox that doesn't feel anything and he's super balanced and he's very like you know for the challenges that i dealt with with the end cooper. It's like all of the karma that i put in with them. It's all comeback my way with the but he's been a pretty easy one although i'm much more knowledgeable and experienced too. But he's a gem he's he's super easy. It might go finally. Where can we find you on social media and please tell us about your website which i found fascinating again. There's so many wonderful tools in a lot of great content on your website. It's all thank you for that it's m. i c. h. e. l. r. burke b. u. r. k. a. michael burke dot com and. I'm on instagram. At michael burke official up because my name is so common their fifty million michael burke. So i'm the official one. I decided and on facebook to. I don't know what. I'm not as active on facebook. Everything i post on. Instagram goes to facebook. But people can reach out to to make appointments whether it's remote on zoom or in some point in person if they're in your if they're in your neck of the woods. Yeah i offer zoom appointments zoom skype facetime video appointments. Why people all over the world to help them with their animals if they're trying to figure out what they're thinking and feeling behavioral challenges or personal development. People are needing help in their own lives or all of the above. I work with people in that. Three pronged approach. Yeah you can find me that way. And i post a lot of tips and stuff like that so again. Thank you so much michael for joining us. Today it's been such an honor in so wonderful. I have so much to learn from you. Thank you. I appreciate this opportunity. I love your podcast. And.

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