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You learn anything from this experience DM exit all you can step into before. My dick was he being literal? We don't know. Do not know what they wasn't being literal. Who are they Solomon muzzle? You were just being metaphorical. I thought I was. Yeah. I thought I would put together two scenarios Koch is always running around saying suck my dick, dick. So I said if he beats his case also, I didn't think it was going to something that motherfucker. This one guy my Deums all he does keep sending me yo Shaw about the show us what that list too. Funniest about it. If this was said months ago. Dupay said months ago right now big about the area, we live we live in ADD era. Motherfucking forget shit like that. Now when it comes to me. Make me God damn it like, Nope. No. This big. All if the Graham comic six nine in rainbow. Six nine rainbows a plants would like to spit emoji. Oh, man. Opie? God day we have to mitt. It would be hilarious. If what he does get out. You greet him. I just him walking down those those years. I never something dick in my life yet. Okay. No. I mean yet. No. You haven't yet? Never. But we don't know. It is never right. Never talked to take. But I don't know we happened. I don't know. What might happen? I don't know. What might happen? They won't be recreation. This not for recreation. This is for your word. Nah. Fuck my word. Fuck about work. Say all the men has his word his ball's. Not another my mouth. Okay. Nobody else's balls will be my mouth because of my fucking words right here. Only dig I've ever tried to sucks ball really everyman's tried to stop growing. Did. They know. That's true. That's why he's telling Yellen. Thank you. If guys try. Yeah. Of course, that's why I'm surprised like dogs. Learn tricks because. You know, what maybe try to suck my own. Would you learn anything when I heard about Marilyn Manson getting his ribs? So he could sell his what? Yeah. You can't suck you dig. And you could know I've tried. Okay. Okay. Gotta have a huge cocktail. You gotta have big dick and flexibility. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I never could try. I've tried. Yeah. How close can you get you just Hacaloglu be on the tip of it? Ain't even like. What why can't you suck you on 'cause we wouldn't do shit? We got nation to build Walsum ache. It's not the same thing math. It's not a wild level of math g that's that is not the same as masturbating mostly. We gotta give something, you know, for women to do better than us. What do you mean? Like, if we could suck our Dicks, then it would really ruin the blow job experience from a woman because you couldn't do everything that a woman could do. But do you like when a girl just jerks you off? No. Of course, not it depends, though, I had a girlfriend once who was a virgin she did not want to live virginity. She used to give me hand jobs, and at the time those hand jobs were incredible right only because I didn't have any other option what I'm saying. So just getting something from her with incredible to I understand it's like the rice that they drop on countries with no food. It's like, this is awesome. Say exactly an American someone's dropping rice on your front lawn. You're like I'm good on the right hand ended. It depends on your own dick. I mean like fucking go ham on it. It was easy. No flexibility. No girls gonna be able to compete with that. She doesn't have a dicta- practice on because it's just like masturbating, but you still want you still want actual vagina. How many girls are wacky giving head and they get to do all the time. 'cause 'cause masturbation is not like you're jerking off as a substitution for China. Correct. It's not like you're feeding a hand job. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So I if you do it yourself..

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