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And i also think that daniel jones was coach extremely well in college and that's something people don't talk about already has four years basically professional teaching before he even was drafted and and a lot of players don't know they're running more option type stuff a lot. Don't read sites type stuff tons of r._p._o. Things more college spread offense then they you get the n._f._l. Is a totally different games when you have peyton manning and eli manning going back to work with that duke head coach in the off season to work on their game imagine spending four years with that guy cutlass at duke i i think that's a big big advantage for daniel jones and i promise you the new york giants and pat shurmur nudist when they draft grabbed him that he will not be a project like i say dwayne haskins i think is much more of a project. Daniel joan does not he will be ready to play sooner than later. Essays aged lastly <hes> the big injury last night cam newton things look okay now. He gets sacked in the second quarter. He leaves the game in a walking boot but x-rays were negative obviously this this is probably the last we'll see of him on a practice field at least until week one a lot of concern for cam newton or was it. Just a disaster was averted. I'm starting to think cam cam newton. He starts reminds. You ben rothlisberger a little bit. You know a guy who can extend a big. I ride with a big arm can extend place you know a lot of fun to watch the team a chance when every week but seems to leave like half the games and some sort of walking boot or something <hes> and there was a little bit of drama around him so. I hope it's not a big deal again this. This is why you're the preseason stinks. There's nothing worse than going into your regular season short handed because of you know some first quarter preseason action which really then the date doesn't mean anything you can follow me on twitter at sage rosenfels eighteen sage rosenfels eighteen twelve years in the n._f._l. Check them out at the athletic minnesota. That's on twitter at the athletic m. i. n. Say always appreciate your time. That's my friend have a great friday. I think i think a bunch sage now. We'll get to daniel johnson two seconds and you want to weigh in on that right but this was a really scary moment 'cause the first report we got last night cam newton leaving the field walking boot and you think the first thing is look cam. Newton is still one of the biggest stars in the the n._f._l. In my goodness without cam newton you're you're talking about. This could be the worst team in the n._f._l. So they really dodged a bullet as far as his injury yet. It did dodge a bullet because they need him. He's got it. Kinda makes that offense going. I know christian mccaffrey has been <hes> a big piece a big part of their puzzle but without cam newton this offense can reach their potential and so the other found a way to make sure they keep him healthy and upright in available and some of that may require a no more no more exposure in preseason games. It may also require. Hey let's take away some of the quarterback run game and allow him to function a little more like a traditional quarterback. The main thing is the bottom line is they have to have cam newton for them to to count continue to hold these postseason aspiration and hopes that have done a carolina. They'll sit at some point to realize oh. Maybe getting a good backup quarterback who can come in and play. You're not worried about boys will greer any good. I mean it's never really address the the backup quarterback spot there now with a legitimate player legitimate guy that can come in and compete and really push him then missile push him to start but just push him <hes> because when cam looks over showed he sees someone that can maybe eventually replace some kinda like tom. Brady ca squint and see that maybe jimmy garoppolo garoppolo would be in line to be a starting quarterback and so just something to get them going but i think he has two years left on his deal. It is really important in in in this year coming up yes to show people that he can be the franchise quarterback going forward because if not if you're a carolina panthers in san cam goes off to another injury you then have to wonder from a durability lee standpoint. Is he ever going to be that. We saw him become in twenty fifteen when he was the m._v._p. Or do do they need to be in the business of looking for a young on quarterback to groom and eventually replace cam newton jason smith bucky brooks in for dan and the danettes here today on fox sports radio daniel jones another big game last night. You know played played a little bit against some of the ones which was nice. Everybody wants to anoint him and tournament of the giants starting quarterback right away but no matter what happens this preseason. I can't see the giants differing from this plan for when he winds up playing ally manning's going to be the quarterback until he's no longer the quarterback meaning he's gonna start and then as he struggles to move the team and they can't score points ally loses the job daniel jones takes it and it's his job forever ever kind of like how how eli took it the first time around with kurt warner kurt warner was signed as the bridge quarterback. They could move that he couldn't move the team fumbled a lot. They went to ally eli manning and it was allies job. I can't see the giants differing from that just because of the way they have dealt with eli manning the last couple years because last year was he lies great. He's guy. We're taking saquon barkley. We're ready and then it was okay. We need a quarterback now because he lies almost done so. Let's go get daniel jones. I mean the way they're going to handle it. I can't see them saying. We're starting daniel jones right away and it's gonna come off the bench because if it's too big for daniel jones in the beginning going back to ally is going to be messy i kind of see it as a job and then be daniel jumps. We've heard voted. The is legacy. He's a legend <hes> for the new franchise. We are gonna talk about. They believe that allies still has some years. There's left and they had a perfect scenario would be a situation where dana joe's didn't have to play this season. We heard dave gettleman talk about the pat. Mahomes plan where alex smith played the entire etta eta probo level and then gave way pat mahomes <hes> the new york giants can potentially have the best of both worlds if eli manning returns and he plays well will it does allow dana jones several sideline comfortably learned the game game will slow down even that much more when he has opportunity. We'll see how they attempt to do do it but i believe that man is going to be the starter and he will have to play his way out of the starting job for dana jones. You get a chance. Where do you put the preseason for. Daniel jones as far as accomplishing. I think it's been great i mean i think you arguably could say that. He's been the best i'm no. There's no argument he's been the best rookie quarterback when we talk about these these games in these preseason exhibition games and how they're playing against backups will if they're planning his backups i want to see him dominate against tobacco which he's been able to do when they play the starters i wanna make sure that it doesn't look too big for him and so when we look at his performance compared to the other rookies he's been hit and shoulders above those guys and so i think you have to give him credit ready for what he's been able to accomplish doesn't mean you go jacket it. Just means looked into jones has been pretty solid player. Maybe the jazz were onto something when they took win number six overall. That's the funny funny thing is that since last year's draft where they decided on saquon barkley allowing sam darnold to go to the jets they had to spend all last year on defense. Even though saquon barkley was good it was hey no no no allies. Are we like saquon barkley a once in a generational talent and these guys go into the hall of fame and they had to be right about daniel jones because because they're fighting for the back page relevancy with two teams in town and for the next ten years they could look at having to defend yes this is we. We knew what we were doing. We we allowed sam darnold to go across down and that's the worst thing if the giants had passed on sam darnold darnold went to the bills or darling gone to the cardinals okay that at that but you allow the jets and these two teams fight for everything in new york i mean this is if they're not right about daniel jones. I mean that's it again everything. This is all their legacy. This is their jobs on the line but i can't say today you were wrong in what they did. Last year saquon borrow it has saquon. Barkley has been a generational talent saquon. Barkley is one of only three plays in n._f._l. History over two thousand scrimmage yards as a rookie and so. I don't think they're wrong. So now what you have to do is let's look at these drafts and back to back so now if you hit on your running back and saquon barkley it gives you an opportunity acoss control to have one of the best players at a manageable number and if you come back and hit again on daniel jones like it may look like they have they been able to lock up basically two thirds of the triplets that you need to win the game and we can talk about the jets and and sam darnold but i don't know if we can legitimately say that we know exactly what sam donald is based on high played last year yes. He finished a year with at the bank three. Does last regains were pretty strong but for the most part he was up and down. It wasn't like he played like baker mayfield where we could see the difference in their offense. Yeah we will see but i think we've been a little quick to crown in annoy sam donald as a sure. Thing is a franchise quarterback as opposed to doing. It and i know that pains you know that we we haven't been let we're going thirty three this year and two or three super bowls before he's done is fine. I mean it's fun. We ready. We ready to give the jacket. We're ready to say that he's the best we saw. I saw the preseason game last week against the falcons and i turned on twitter and i was like oh my god what am i gonna do. Did he go twenty twenty three he. There's five or seven for like forty yards and i get it but look this is what happens <hes> not only in the real world. It happens in the scouting world when you you hit your wagon to a prospect you go all the way in and it's hard for people to come off that position because so many <hes> evaluators were all in on sam donal after the the rose bowl game two years ago that they can't get off that opinion just like they're going to be people who are still waiting to see the other shoe dropped for danny your jones because they were so staunchly against him being a top pick a first round pick better yet a top ten pick. Is this kind of part of the narrative that goes along with it but we'll see if your guy plays up to the hype that goes along with. I mean i i'm not. I'm not worried at all back. I mean you're looking at me. I'm not worried at all but when you stink for that long and you make the best draft pick i mean seriously this is the best draft pick. The jets made in fifty years when they had a quarterback chas. Since okay pennington was great arm fell off. We had him for four years and then pennington's arm fell off. That's two thousand and six buck. That's two thousand six. That's thirteen years ago buck. Oh my god years years fifty. Tell me about tell me better than you get a guy like that who can be a franchise quarterback for a dozen years and potentially one of the top and quarterbacks actually n._f._l. Draft at the jets had fifty years fifty years. It either means that they have in drafted will now. They just clinging yes. They know. All of those things are true. I'm not saying i'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying the reality. Is that sam's best fifty year. I can't believe you like him. Over richer tied.

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