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Traffic i'm tony jordan four three my fm are tony thank you very much to weather today partly cloudy and cool tips oh where am i wrong time i was just talking about the and i wasn't really paying attention to tony's ending we'll please finish the weather report now it's fifty four in garden grove thanks for asking fifty in canoga park and oh here's a queen of our show in the morning had no idea her husband john legend could be nominated as the battle of the sexes okay yesterday john legend was nominated for a tony award for best original score for spongebob squarepants he was on a long list of contributors for working on that musical teagan his wife had no idea and she tweeted john just got nominated for tony this morning i song he apparently wrote for spongebob squarepants why does he not tell me when he writes spongebob songs what else does he lying about are there any other songs out there recently on with onto generous and they played this game and she knew nothing about john legend she's she's very funny and yesterday kanye west was on tmz live and at one point he said quote when you hear about slavery for four hundred years for four hundred years that sounds like a choice and naturally this upset a lot of people this was everywhere yesterday including people there in the newsroom that stood up and fought back and said things to him but harvey levin was they're caught in the middle of it from tmz and he called us to talk about it i don't believe kanye west with saying that slaves had a choice i think what's happened is everybody's grabbed onto the words which were ridiculous and he shouldn't have said it that way and it was dumb to say it that way i don't think that's what he was saying and i'll tell you why he came in with candace owens who is a woman who has been talking specifically about slavery and i'm not saying you should agree with this because it's very controversial but she's saying look you can't look at slavery and say say that.

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