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ABC news after these pro democracy protests in Hong Kong Sunday in riot gear firing tear gas to clear streets a new report just out in the past hour about video posted online in Hong Kong showing a police officer grabbing one protester in shooting another as demonstrators blocked subway lines and roads during the Monday morning commute the officer fires again as a third protester approaches this update police say one protester was wounded and is undergoing surgery Iran's discovered another big oil field in the southern part of that nation's as Iran's president Rouhani but U. S. sanctions make it hard to impossible to sell overseas Iran has just begun pouring concrete for a second nuclear reactor at a key new power plant says A. B. C.'s Julia macfarlane London runs deal with Russia for nuclear power project at the push of her palms goes all the way back to the early nineties the plans were put on hold when I run into the into the nuclear deal with the U. S. on western powers in twenty fifteen since the U. S. pulled out of the deal last year round Europeans have been unable to help her on Seles or elsewhere Ronnie's have been reneging on certain commitments in the deal blaming the other parties for not keeping their end of the bargain the impeachment inquiry into president trump as Ukraine phone calls begin public hearings Wednesday to be broadcast widely ABCS Terry Moran after a few weeks of the intelligence committee will handed off to the Judiciary Committee they'll decide if it amounts to impeachable offenses they'll draft articles of impeachment basically the indictment and send it to the house floor for a vote so this is on a fast track and it starts launching this week president trump will confront turkeys leader about his decision to buy a Russian air defense system when they meet this week at the White House amid strained relations between the two NATO allies that from the president's national.

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