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It's also important to consider how factors like sleep Dress immunity and existing conditions can play a role in keeping you from getting sick. Marina Rock Inger Come on news from ABC News TECH TRENDS New APS from companies like Laurie Allen Mac Cosmetics. Let you virtually try on makeup, using only your phone's camera details after this Dr Yang Fang studies communication technologies at San Diego State University. She says APS that use augmented reality to allow you to try on makeup saw a surge in popularity during the pandemic. These ABS are gaining popularity because consumers are afraid of going to physical stores. Theresa Payton is the CEO of Cyber security Company for Alice Solutions, she says the apse overlay digital makeup on your face using your phone's selfie camera, which raises privacy concerns. All of the information that you're giving to the app. Could be collected could be stored connected to you and soul, She adds. That acts like this congrats allot of personal information. Your facial features your biometrics your geographic location with tech trends. I'm Michelle Franzen, ABC News A waitress in Iowa got $1000 tip just in time for the holidays, a customer of Baker Square and Clive near Des Moines, decided to leave a large tip toe a hardworking waitress in the week ahead of Christmas. My partner and I had a wonderful idea to give someone in the restaurant industry a gift before Christmas that we know that the restaurant industry has been hit hard during covert 19. Ramona Wink says she also left tips for other employees, she says she's really passionate about helping people find hope and healing..

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