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I'm trying to find a calvin. Really tweet at you right now. Mike I'm going to go track that one down. Yeah, I didn't know you encounter. Early were getting into it. I don't know why you hate Cavan really so much. I'm I'm Hash tag team. Ridley, without even knowing what the dispute is about has an. Drafted Calvin Ridley to say that aired up what I will say here. Mike I agree with you though I, you know. I think Ridley is going to be a very trendy sleeper this year. You know sleeper in the way that Chris God. When was a sleeper last year? Somebody that's going to go in the first round draft, but should have a monster year. You look at his numbers. What's Austin Hooper? Got Injured last year when he gets targets, he produces. They don't have a lot as you mentioned. It's Russell Gauge. It's eight and hers the Tulio. Jones Todd Gurley out of the backfield. I mean they like they don't have very much depth and so given the injury concerns of Julio in his thirty one year old season. Ridley I think is an ascendant player and I. I like the upside here we go from. Mike Clay to Stephanie about why just knows going to sneak me? She always does. We're all sniping each other this because Mike later Calvin, Ridley, who is my next choice right there? And I thought maybe he was doing it because he loves Keenan Alan Keenan Allen got taken from you so. I'm but I'm happy with your little. Cooper Matthew because he's already proven that he could come back from this. Injury he did it. Perhaps better than most in terms of how great he looked from the get-go rate at the gate, had a weird little drop-off about three quarters way through the season, but India macktaz or a touchdown I believe in five consecutive weeks so. He is still going to be a favorite target of Jerry. I know what is work. Ethic is in the off season. I. Can't say much more about him. He's my little cooper. You know good. Call snaking right there Matt and you nail that one from a mile away, so find your take supercup. and. We go from Stefan yet to tristen. Face a difficult choice between four running backs I value pretty equally am clearly going to go there. Having not taken a single of my first three rounds and unusual strategy I'm going to take the upside option of the four, and I'm going to take Jonathan Taylor of the colts and hope that it is going to be his job instead of a one. One Two punch with Marlin MAC MAC did not have a great finish to last year. He had some very disappointing games late and I don't think he draft a player like this. Who put up the numbers? He did in Wisconsin without giving them a sizable role, so I'm going to go for the upside the chance that he runs away with this job. Right the second rookie running back off the board by the way, if my math is correct for Tristan who next up is Damian? Aj Brown here I mean this goes absolute stud. The second half allows season wide receiver six from week eight on he led. All receivers are actually in yards per target. He was second fancy points per catch, so I mean as my clay will tell us. Oh, he will. He will regret that. We're not going to efficiency again, but the volume will also go way up. We saw declined the option on Corey Davis. So I don't think they're going to be trying to work him into the offense too much this season. They don't throw the running back so super talented player and I think.

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