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And then I went to elite, which is a place and it is like literally, I felt like I was in another country. Probably China. I was like pointing at the menu and they were like, just giving me thumbs up and coming back with it. Getting yourself over to a restaurant is a very helpful thing for having great meals, like not being afraid somebody of tell me exactly what this is. If you can just put your faith like be told, this is a great restaurant. Let them tell you what to eat here. I'm almost comfortable telling telling someone like, look, I make decent money. I'm sure you're not gonna like gouge me, but look, we eat a lot and like I'm very open with the waiters. I'm always like, so is this like especially now with this movement towards like it's four to shared plates per person or whatever. And I'm like, look, we eat more than a lot of other people eat specifically more like, look at my gut and my eyes. Is huge is are very read about to eat, whatever to me. So what should we get? And then I'll make insane order and then always ask the waiter. Are we missing anything that we would be upset? And I, I, I don't even give fuck like eat every meal. Like I'm going to the electric chair right after. A lot of Filipino food on here. No, I have. That is one of the trends that I just think Filipino food is crazy. Good. Oh, yeah, I'm into it. I, I bet I would believe based on regionality making yet champ. Yeah. So that's that would be one of the trends. The restaurant. I need to go to behi- Kuba which is so close to me parks, finest barbecue if you've ever awesome. That is it's a barbecue. American barbecue Filipina fusion restaurant been around in LA forever. I only went for the first time like two weeks ago and it was good shit. It's great how good buds shadow. Gene Cordeiro is Filipino and is always talking about Philipino food. And I'm like, it sounds like it's perfect for me. A little more sour, but it's great. I just went to Maui and with my wife and I fucking love the Hawaiian food. I love that. I could go to a the roles of the things they put on their own. Align roles, grilled cheese. Look, I'm hollow man eating a loaf of bread at the beach. I like all these wind grocery store. I like going to get to the deli and getting polka and masugi and being like just every supermarket, having mom s poke sitting out like the way we have tuna salad at. They have poke at the Ralph's near me. In general, it's not for me. It's too big. It's not my thing. I know that, but people are like, oh, I'm gonna get this. You're gonna get it at the grocery stores and like this isn't a Wii Ralph's next to the pre cooked shrimp get outta here. I just made the leap to like Gilson sushi in the last year, twenty years in. Exactly move is let it be around for ten years being done by froze before the grocery stores and then what's another. I don't know if it's good university for our country, but I have enjoyed the artisanal ice cream trend here. I've been LA for decades now and it used to be a dearth of ice cream. It's a dearth of anything that's sort of like naughty, right? And that that's shifting in LA. Now people like l. as not just hiking juices anymore. Now getting a foodie scene, and I think, but the thing is this artisanal stuff. I think the way they light up the l. a. buji hippie life is that it's like it's all natural ingredients is all you need to hear if I'm gonna have ice cream and might as well be creams yoga, and this rather than like Ben, Jerry bend Jerry's bombed too, and doesn't have that many fucking any ice cream. I'm a real monster when it comes to. I don't eat sweets really. But ice cream is the one that I will break for, you know, and. Master food is far like I'll eat crazy stuff like we had. What was the octopus we had in Sanok g which is live squeezing live or just shop. It's still move dream..

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