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Many of you also coming to us with those particular views, but also your views of why you think nazanin may have received some of the responses that she has from a minority as we can see it certainly. Well, talking then, as we were just beginning to do about a potential silver lining from the pandemic and women's participation in politics and I mean actually being in the room and doing it as it were, not just this voters, although that's very important as well. A new study from Cardiff university has suggested that the pandemic and the ways of working in the way we're changing could mean more women getting into local politics, the ability to dial in to meetings on video call maybe the key to unlocking some of those final barriers that more often women face with caring duties. Lea hibbs is a lecturer in social sciences at Cardiff university and author of the study. And in a moment I'll talk to Jen Berg Davies who's a local counselor in Cardiff. Leah, I'll start with you. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Tell us what you found. You know, coming into a woman's I suppose on a video call as well. Yes, it's great, yes. I'm kind of pulling in from at home this morning, so I'm very apt example of this hybridity in these new ways of working. So this was actually just a very small part of my kind of wider PhD thesis, which looks more widely at the experiences of women, local councillors and Wales. So it was a piece of work where I went directly spoke to 19 counselors, unfortunately, the pandemic hit right in the middle of my data collections. So I had to quickly shift everything online. But that was really interesting because I had a lot of counselors before the pandemic speaking to me about, you know, we haven't engaged as much as we should be with these kind of technological solutions..

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