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Uh but i i have will be yeah probably be beyond ara our payscale as podcasters podcast but i did wondering does know the came in from one of our producers adema john i want to write and clarify something from the two recent shows about the fruit she i may scientologist from washington dc now isn't that what they don't they have the sh david big church in dc at that i know of the big looping churches autodial a stand july la yeah the clearwater via they own they own clearwater i've been listening to the show for some time donating when i can and sent a song your way while back he played a few tons in the show i've had some of my fellow scientologist in the mouth at various points and i find that some of the no agenda thinking is very much along the lines of what we think in scientology that the m5 and mostly wants to scare people in that psychiatric drugs are bad for you among others needless to say i was surprised to see a scientology eu meter on the album art of a recent episode after i listen to episode nine or eight seven kebab panic i went and looked at the fruit machine turns out this is completely unrelated from mathison and the scientology e meter no no the first thing i saw was probably the same image you were talking about on the show the one with all the knobs and dials that says electra site commader that is in fact an early scientology meter designed by volney matheson for mr hubbard in england i believe in the middle 50s electro psychout tsai commoner equals e meter and yes it does look bad asked what's odd though is when you look a little further apparently a canadian military museum put the scientology meter on display with the caption the base basically says quote the fruit machine has long since been destroyed and while this is not the fruit machine which was much more complicated.

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