Obama Administration, North Korea, Kim Jong Un discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Orono already yeah from the actual handshake they'll obviously that's the photo op they'll be shaking hands and they'll be going to a private meeting with their translators in on the economic front he has opened up slightly they're all these sort of little sort of base in market economies so the elite gets more and more well off and and it does translate and filter out into some of the you know outta echelons beyond the on the capital spent you're absolutely right i think it's it for them pride and other rations of the regime is is paramount's you know a lot of people think about the leap dare forget about the leap day deal of twenty twelve it was a nuclear deal negotiate with the obama administration it was scuttled in a matter of weeks by north korea's satellite launch i don't think kim jong un had the had the internal power that a group around him domestically to have made peace with the united states at that point but since then you've seen this reshuffling the purging of officials who didn't align with his ideology but now he has a team in place that has giving him the authority to essentially snap his fingers in from one day race towards nuclear weapons to now this race towards economic development something he did i mean he moved relatively quickly to purred sort of elements of from his military who he felt might be threat to him or he had reservations about yeah i mean we don't know these numbers but it's reported maybe more than one hundred and forty people were executed north korea has north koreans have told me that corrupt officials are dealt with accordingly so there are no apologies about getting rid of people in the highest level of government if they're accused of corruption but of course the key issue inside north korea's loyalty and especially right now things are so sensitive about kim jong un's image it's all about loyalty and anybody who's not believed to be one hundred percent loyal they're out what did you make will of the woke about yesterday at that hotel which is allegedly one of the places where his halfbrother quite like to eat and remember the hof brother used to.

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