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Malls office blocks and on public transport face masks are still a must though fever checks at the entrances have gone from about half a dozen a day too sometimes not and social distancing in parts of Shanghai that seems like a thing of the past retired men and women dance on a public square it's how a lot of them live in tiny apartments get their daily exercise and about the agency to move yeah not only in restaurants will those still in business have full how deals on sunny weekends or weekdays are still tough the Thai restaurant for lunch and the server just said if I thought the food was good I should leave a good review on something similar to yelp in China's called damping and exchanges and you can get a free dessert businesses can get punished if they don't screen for corona virus carriers some depend on the health app that assigned residence a color Q. R. code green yellow or red minds green meaning I'm corona virus free the app says it uses government data to assess our health but we're not told which data exactly and not all places will accept the health QR code I want to see the weekend because an announcement on the Shanghai subway to scan a separate queue our code every time you get on a train and import contact details so registering is voluntary for now in theory if you're not sick and your okay to hand over a lot of personal information you can travel freely around China but not so for foreigners the US state department has advised African Americans against visiting southern Guang Jo city after reports that black people there are being forced into quarantine even when they tested negative for the corona virus China denies any racist policies but it's state run media has focused on the fact that new coronavirus cases are mostly imported and now that the pandemic is becoming worse abroad foreigners wherever they're from have reported being turned away from restaurants shops and hotels phone without filing a different so before I came to this hotel in show seeing a three hour drive outside of Shanghai I had to check will the city allow.

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