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Greg you worked at a seer you've been working in a a scene for a long time as I understand it nearly twenty years what are you doing these days these days the big thing really I guess from my perspective is that I've gotten apron back on a lot of times and you know I'm taking orders and doing doing all of that which I haven't done for a long time but it's necessary so it's what we've got to do what were you doing before I've been a private event manager at A. O. C. for a number of years we do it's a really big portion of our business but obviously with you or all of the recommendations for social distancing and just the limits and how that limits socializing there aren't a whole lot of those happening right now we've had to cancel right yeah not a lot of private events I guess happening Cameron what about you you're the manager there at sweet salt are you also doing pretty much everything that's correct obviously we've had to cut back on a lot of staff things like busters dishwashers so I'm I'm definitely finding myself stepping in where we're needed obviously doing some stuff on the counter with my front of house well yeah definitely having to take on a little extra work here and there definitely what does it look like in your restaurant now well we had to eliminate most of our seating according to the county of health and LA we had to cut back our capacity to we have about eighteen tables now it's down to about six inside table restaurant and we had to put a bunch more tables on the sidewalk as well I would say certainly walk ins are are less than they were right so that's the big question would the people calm if the restaurants open for in person dining and are you finding that people are in general what reluctant or eager to come I would say they're eager to calm it's just where our business is where we're right next door to a salon literally next door neighbor sandwich between a pair salon and a skin care place you know to the industries that have not had our time I re opening so I would say a lot of our clientele that hasn't been in normally Somers got married on the cop come in for a Cup of coffee part way through we haven't had a lot of that good what about you what do you find with the clientele are they happy to come back RT is reluctant what there is a really happy to be back on you know I think that the sentiment that I've heard repeated by just about everyone is that you know they're tired of not being able to talk to anyone or see anyone face to face or you know they're stuck with just stuck with it but you know there have spent a lot more time with you that one other person with their family and their dog well service real most loving way but yes yes of course yeah people are really excited and we re opened on Tuesday for dine in and it was it's been pretty busy all week ends we are only open the a reservation so no real walking business but and then also because of all of the the severe reduction in capacity to Cameron mentioned so you know we have a lot less are less seating available less space available to accommodate less guests will describe what it's like let's say I arrive at A. O. C. what's what happens next well hopefully you're wearing a mask on me because that is still very very required we are trying to space reservations so that you know no one's but the front door we do have you tape on the sidewalk to keep everyone six feet apart in the meantime near due to the public the LA county department public health everyone still has to keep the six feet groups can only be seated once everyone has arrived so once that happens then they come in they're greeted by a manager who's standing at the front desk to then greets you with a an instant read thermometer and takes your temperature and then if everyone passes then we have one walks ascension in a single file line clockwise through the restaurants to the tables that are now space you know six plus feet apart and then I got a paper menu we get a paper menu they get paper menus they are greeted by staff wearing masks and face shields and and then we just kind of go on from there yeah I have to say I've been the agency in the past because of it and it's always a lovely relaxing beautiful experience what you just described doesn't sound terribly relaxing and I know it's not your fault it's the guidelines but how do you make restaurant dining nice instead of something stressful yeah that's a tough but in the end that is difficult and I think that's the the thing that is being the most difficult to accomplish although even just the difference from Tuesday to Sunday was huge how much more natural it feels I think your staff because it was a very interesting trying to get used to the changes but I think people are feeling more comfortable with it now and so once you get once you get past that weird face shield and thing people really seem to be having a good time Cameron what about in the kitchen how do you maintain distance in a small place a small kitchen are you concerned about the certainly it's difficult are our restaurant is very tiny I don't know if you've ever been there but it's it's essentially a hallway so our line is very narrow so normally we used to have you know five to six chefs on a liner to given lunch shift these days we have to keep it down to two one on one and one on the other to ensure that they don't bump up against each other and same thing on the back of the house to normally there would be two or three guys work on production or you know the Baker the pastry chef working with each other they had to change the hours of people don't overlap it it's very very difficult but we've been but I don't I think we've been mostly successful and accommodating that but it is certainly at certainly a strain on that schedule okay finally the million dollar question financially are you going to make it is it has been difficult reopening yes the short answer yes we're order takeout restaurant mostly however a lot of our business we're in the heart of studio city heart of universal city most of our business is from universal Warner brothers NBC with those writers rooms and other production things not working right now it it has really hurt our our takeout business by being said the regulars have been incredible the community is really banded together to order as much food and buy gift cards and all that kind of stuff to really help us out so we've been hitting hitting the numbers we need to head I would say it's certainly difficult it's not insurmountable well that's good that's good news what about you Greg will ever see survive financially we did it transition to take out and delivery little bit for mother's day we do plan on expanding also with more outdoor seating really anything to to bring it's a lot more people to come in and enjoy the restaurant which obviously the problems our existence for quite a long while longer well best of luck to both of you I hope you you make it through this crazy time thank you thank you so much Cameron Jackson manager at sweet salt into local lake and Greg Michael who.

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