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And by the way the red sox actually had interest in talking about adrian belle trey leading up the trade deadline but of course they understood the is going for career hit number three thousand in the rangers weren't going to talk about moving him uh a lot of speculation tim already about what happens with justin for lander this month the tigers talked with other teams about possibly trading him uh it's complicated by the fact is a full notrade clause in also by how much money he's owed in if i were to allah via or avalon called me now and asked me for advice and what to do with verlet enter this month and not that he would ever call me but i would tell them look don't bother passing justin verlinden through waivers because it's just going to create a bunch of conversation that leads to nothing uh hold him off to the side don't passenger waivers and then when you continue these talks uh during the offseason with the cubs in with the yankees and with the dodgers and other teams then you can do so in earnest whereas now if you passenger waivers i think there's a fair chance that one of these teams might claim any just creates kind of an ugly conversation for the tigers in the middle their season what do you think i i agree with you buster i mean we can't forget who are dealing with here this is just an early under he's a great pitcher and has been for the tigers for years and this is the reason he still a tiger is they were not willing to pay to get rid of justin burland because that's how it would've looked and justin burland her end the tigers deserve better than that and yet every team has a right to say that a lot of money you're gonna have to help help us with this deal and the tigers may well or not going to help you hardly at all which is how it should be and the.

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