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The first row of the low wall right down the left field line. Dodgers lead one nothing is trace Thompson has his third Homer of the season. That was Dave jagler with a call on 1500 a.m., and that was the first hit of the game for either team. It is still a one zero Dodgers lead as we are now moving to the top of the 5th inning Paolo espino giving up that run among the two hits allowed does have a pair of strikeouts in his four innings so far, so a good start, but then that's bats need to come to life here as Tony Gonzalez has yet to allow a hit, but there are two base runners as Caesar Hernandez and Josh bell each walked in this game, but again, need the hits now. And it looks like we just got one. There you go. These rehearsals. Caesar Hernandez there with the game tying home run to make it a one one ball game. Right there in real time. How about that? The Oreos put together a four run 5th inning a Camden yards. They provide the margin of victory in a 5 one win over the Tampa Bay Rays, nice way to open the four game set there. And also in Baltimore, the ravens agreeing to a deal with running back Corey Clement to bolster a position without top two options. JK dobbins and Gus Edwards are both on the physically unable to perform list there. Won't be able to start camp just yet and in NHL free agency. Michael Kemp leaving Washington for the other Washington. He signs a one year deal with the Seattle kraken. Rob woodfork WTO sports

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