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Thousands of you logged onto watches. I spoke to show runner and director. Barry jenkins and the author of the novel that inspired the show colson whitehead. What are the people joining the event. Louise had a question. She asked the music. Both ambient and composed is haunting. Please talk about that aspect of the series. Here's berry jenkins patel. Our the composer on this Talk in Used a really wonderful job because of the pandemic on nick actually move to la to create the score for the show typically. He's in new york. La and it was great. We have little testing bubble in so we would go from the edit then ten minutes drive. Ibm next radio antenna. Strive be at the mix stage so is really wonderful process where they can be sailed a an ambient sound on the big stage. And i can sense nick. Get in the car. Goes the studio with him. Then be scoring in the key of sound from the environment it was a really very involved in fluid processing the beauty that was in the writer's room for show notion of the writers Jackie gene crowder. Alison davis adrian. Rush bush director labor director. Our bacher we were trying to impact this book. We had his rule. We can't call colson about that'd be can figure out ourselves and so we kept trying to come up with a working Allergy for ourselves. Why wider south carolina looked with us. You know why does north carolina does end. He had gives us an easter egg in the first chapter with the station. Agents says oh two. Trains one's going this way once going that way you won't know which way it's going to get out if she got on the situation. What ended up in south carolina or she ended up south carolina but be different south carolina. Oh who was arrested. You know v stay. She gets north carolina. It's damned. she doesn't want to leave things in south carolina behind it. Because of that. Nick score every time she gets to a new state it's gotta be a manifestation of the world record so yeah it was really cold and it was again this lovely process of what's in the environment because you couldn't record two times area in. How can that become music. You also make this decision at the end of each episode to sort of jolt us back to the present with with a modern song. This song choice. There was a mixture of therapy for the audience because it's very arson journey. Miss important to realize your washing missing. Twenty twenty one not at eighteen five. I thought dropping the continue contemporary needle. Drop only the end. Episodes neverland mental. It would help underscore the point but the way it started was at the end of the first indiana chapter core has just said combined to her greatest love. And caesar she's walking into royals. Cabinet is a heartache pure pure heartache as she was walking out of the door at it i started to hear the phone.

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