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On one call Dorothy investigation. Seed to his financial demands. And in his words, quote, I'll go take ten billion dollars off your clients market cap in Los Angeles avenue is also charged with fraud and accused of failure to pay payroll taxes for his law firms and for a company that operates tallies coffee stores here in Washington. He was to turn Nick Hannah says the timing of the investigation has nothing to do with avenue public criticisms of President Trump more than fifty two and a half billion dollars of your money would be spent over the next two years under the budget proposal from state House Democrats out today. Komo's Ryan Harris tells us it includes nearly one and a half billion dollars in new taxes aimed at the wealthy proposal would increase spending by about eight billion dollars much of which would go towards education after the mccleary decision and other items to maintain current levels with more than two billion for new spending to pay for it. House. Finance committee chair Gael tarleton laid out a capital gains tax proposal. The extraordinary. Gary profits tax, the wealthiest Washingtonians who sell high value assets such as stocks and bonds will pay a nine point nine percent tax on gains over two hundred thousand dollars for a married couple in a calendar year. Democrats also proposed changes to the real estate excise tax to lower the low end payments, while increasing it for pricier homes as well as a proposal to increase the business and occupation tax for companies that make so called extraordinary prophets. Republicans say they can easily craft the budget that pays for all the state's priorities without raising.

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