President Trump, Rick, China discussed on Brian Kilmeade


Five percents, APR four point six five percent. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com. Rick subject to change fifty point three percent. This rate, call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states MLS number thirty thirty intention, and Peter Navarro trade Representative with the president. He's got his hands full trying to bring in the China deal, get US MCA pass through congress, as it's about the past the Mexican Senate already pass through Canada. And meanwhile, the president says tariffs going Monday unless you seal up one hundred and fifty mile border. So that's going to be the president's focused tomorrow today. It's day. He's gotten a bilateral mccrone. We'll see we get out of that. Let's go. Go out to Chris listening on news ninety six five hundred Landau. Hey, chris. Hey, brian. Hey, couple of points if I could number one Joe Biden his reluctance to accept China's threat, if he keeps doing that people are going to start to wonder why. And I think Brit Hume almost went there yesterday and, and you're going to start thinking about his sons deal with China. Yeah it's not gonna be good. And my second point would be in when I hear that CB P has sixty percent of their officer pulled away for administrative duty concerned in that you let another nine eleven happened, and they can trace it back to the southern border, man. The Democratic Party is going to have that laid right at their feet, fifty four countries have come through that border in the in these the Rio Grande valley sector fifty four countries. And when I was out there was sitting there dealing with Guatemalans underneath a bridge because it started to rain and all of a sudden the left when we moved out from underneath a bridge going to rain stopped. I looked at the Pentagon. What's going on and go? Well, there's more people coming up. We wait for them to come up it's Cubans and they said up until. Oy, a year ago Cubans never came through the southern border. But that's how wide open it is. But there is some sign that's Mexico's being this step up his tariff threat appears to be working in a way as Mexico's dispatching police marines in immigration agents to intercept a thousand strong migrant caravan walking north from the Guatemalan border so they can do it. Let's see them do it. That'd be one eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine. Fred Lewis, Cayenne NTR in Arizona. Hey, fred. Hey, how you doing? Brian watching, watching the events of d day brought back something that I thought and what the president said about. Colonel Taylor was very, very clear up until we'll road to through World War Two we when the United.

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