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The most popular health insurance program in the country. But an only applies the people sixty five years of age or older all that. I wanna do is expand Medicare over a four year period to cover every man woman in child in this country. But to do that you would eliminate private health insurance and four basic needs. Yes. So what do you say to the firefighter in Iowa who has a health plan that they like what I would say is that if you want a better program a more comprehensive program with no deductibles with no. Oh payments with no premiums, which will cost your family. Let's support Medicare for all. But there are some trade offs people going to be able to see the doctor can you guarantee make that guarantee absolutely vomited. You'd be able to keep your doctor. Absolutely. Look the truth is right now, you may have an insurance plan that the doctor you really like is not on that network. What if everybody wants to see Dr Sanders here in Des Moines, and there's people that does the same problem? Offs though. Right. But if you have a popular doctor right now on the current policy. It may take you a while to get in there, but under Medicare for all freedom of choice with the doctors with the hustle substantially lower prescription from we cannot defend Jonathan fact, we cannot sustain a system in which the cost of healthcare continues the saw. So we have more economic numbers came out this week jobless rate hits a fifty year low unemployment is down for the first time in a while. We're actually seeing wage growth Donald Trump the one area that he has a solid approval rating on his handling of the economy. Fifty six percent does does President Trump deserves some credit for the fact that the economy, I'm sure my multiple measure seems to be doing quite well. The economy is doing welcome. And I'm sure I don't have to give Trump any credit. I'm sure he will take all the credit that he wants. But we should also note is that what we're looking at is a ten year rebound from the Wall Street crash of two thousand eight I do not believe that Trump's massive tax breaks for billionaires is the cause of the economy. But when you talk about going Konami and following me around here in the morning talk to the workers will make eight nine dollars an hour. What ten dollars an hour? The truth is that half of the people in this country today despite the good economy living paycheck to paycheck and millions of people are working two or three jobs just to put food on the table. So under your economic plan who pays more taxes. I mean, obviously, the billionaires millionaires, but who else a set up different policies. But basically when you have the top one percent in America. Owning more wealth than the bottom ninety two percents when the very very rich becoming phenomenally richer and doing incredibly, well when you have companies like Amazon Amazon paid in taxes last owned by the wealthiest guy in the world pays zero in federal income taxes. That's insane. So yes, we'll pay more bays is going to pay more. But who else where where do you draw the line? There's somebody making one hundred thousand dollar family making a hundred thousand dollars a year, pay more. For example, we are going to expand benefits on social security, and we're going to do that by raising taxes lifting the cap on people making two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, we're certainly going to raise corporate taxes and do with these tax havens with the wealthy and large corporations, especially that money in the Cayman Islands. So look at a time of massive income and wealth inequality where the average American worker today. This is incredible is making a few cents an hour more than he or she did forty three years ago while the people on top doing incredibly, well, yeah, we're gonna ask the people. I've talked to stuff. But where we have multiple it depends on what you look we have a corporate tax, and we'll work on it. We have a personal income tax. But at the end of the day, we cannot continue this grotesque level of income and wealth inequality there currently exists last time around you said that you were the only candidate in the race willing to take on the billionaire class. Is that true? Now, I think Elizabeth Warren is very good Senator. Got my views different than Elizabeth on this issue. But she's a certainly progressive candidate. Why are you a better choice for progressive than Elizabeth Warren? Well, I'll let the vote is. You're going to have to deal with. Not.

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