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If you were going to hold it open air. Massive Brown's behind. The Whitman Airport where they hold the EA grounds, there's also Titan Stadium and ask a lot of places you can hold it in Oshkosh if they want to do it, maybe they're going to check the weather to make sure opener is going to I. Don't know. So anyway, I don't have any information beyond just pay attention I'm sure you'll get some. Yesterday's program I was discussing. And this whole issue has been created because of the obsession by the left on race and identity. We had terms and they go out of vogue. Then you become racist if you use those terms with the common term that was used in the fifties and sixties in the United States. For Black Americans was negroes that term is virtually never used, but still remains in the names of some black organizations. Many of you have heard of the United Negro College Fund, which was an organization that supported many fairly good black universities in the south the N. double ACP for Heaven's sakes. That is National Association for the Advancement of Colored People people who use that terminology now they look at you as if. You ought to be putting sheet out of your head. So the words change we went for black and then the term evolved became African American. Well this problem with that. Not all black people are African. American. There's also been the discussion as America becomes a society that is really a melting pot where so many of us are. Of Mixed race and mixed ethnicity. When are you African America as opposed to? Dutch American. Or Asian American. Tiger Woods is the classic example of this question and tiger with an American tiger woods has so many different ethnicities that are in there that it's impossible to describe them as anything other than an American. So anyway. This has been brought up on the. Top of the Harris situation because she has made references to where South African American and some black people don't like that. There has been some social media suggested that white. Racist, Republicans are accusing Harris of not being African American in fact, this has been entirely raised by the left. Most people on the right couldn't care less. They just consider us all to be Americans. You're going to hear here is an audience change from CNN y'all Don Lemon. They're real lefty American commentator you to hear two voices on here as part of a panel discussion that he had but he's arguing with a supporter of Cobbola Harris. Who's defending her herself as african-american and Don Lemon who's a big liberal estate? She's not African American. Harrison. Factor ethnicity is she is part Indian. And Part Jamaican. And it's a kind of a rock and it's hard to follow. But Levin is obviously the male voice that's in this exchange. This was a year. This is how the lefties were saying that couple Harris was way out of line for any self reference to herself being African American and as I say down lemons not a conservative. This is when liberals did like Kabul the Harrison never tried to essentially say that she was opposed engage in in. Really stealing of a heritage that was not hers. Anyway. Listen to this. One, she is a black woman. She's a mixed race woman. When you see her, you see her blackness, but she is also South Asian. Her Mom is South Asian and her dad is Jamaican as April April. Listen more power to her and I think it's great. That is that should be enough. Is enough that he's a black woman. No. No No. You're not. You're not what people are saying the people who are saying she black that's ball. That's BS. But to to. Shakes, into say is she African American or is she black or she whatever that what's there is nothing wrong with that there's a difference between being African American and being black. People let People Latino. People are people of Color, but they're not black. They're Brown people. She's okay follow but she is a black woman. I agree with that I agree with that but see African, American. But African American. There's a difference. There's nothing wrong with that. No one is trying to take anything away from. Your fault think. Also say I am black. African, American that's it. I'm not falling. Let let me let me finish hold on. I'm not falling into a trap by that when when when she both download lineage many Africans landed on in Jamaica and all these other Caribbean on. So she could endure. With others but she's She is a black woman she wasn't. Tag Crew Ted. Cruise. You, know what we can. Eclipsed. From. CNN from a year ago in which you had to lefties arguing about whether or not Cavallero should be calling yourself African American. All of this becomes almost the forest because it's the left that has been so So obsessed with identity anyway, and the defender of her use of the term is saying well, luck some African Americans came over to Jacob just the but everybody at some point came from somewhere. How anyone is going to trace? The ethnicity of the Jamaican Ancestors Kamala Tomah Harris's beyond that, and then lemon says, well, I it's not America. Well. Fear. Radically Jamaica which is in the Caribbean as part of North America. It's an island. America isn't just the United States of America but you see the whole problem here when it's the left that has created all of these labels clearly. Tomei. Harris is an individual of mixed race and even the supporters say. Saying India's she south Asian offer crying out loud. Posing a saying Asian that India is Asia just as just as Germany is in Europe and just this candidate is in North America but the the this started when for whatever reason and like I say I'll use whatever turn people to use what do I care. It started wed. We moved away from the use of the term black and went to African. American, which as many people played become gets a little confusing because Africa is a continent it. We don't refer for example to people who are French is being European Americans become french-american so talion Americans and so odd and Africa is a continent and Africa is it entirely black for northern part of Africa's a lot of white people Egypt a few other countries as well, and a confident doesn't create a race whereas the word black applied. A race but see a go into this in which these terms used for whatever reason, and now you come to the question that the debating just because someone is black are they African American and many liberals were arguing that Kamala Harris is not and that she's been engaging in cultural appropriation throughout her political career by saying but that she's an African American at appealing to African American supporters whereas she something else I care what she is. All I know she's a lefty but for the left that is obsessed with all of this identity politics, it becomes important as she appeals for the so called African American vote I. Suspect Don..

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