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That if we can send a message over 100 mile we can communicate with a dead if we can photograph think that we have never seen before i we can capture detail that no human i could hat perhaps that photographed in heaping fitter hidden to the human eye who bury their the conflict of cultural reasons that are convincing people that hate it also uh people who were buying photograph interviewing and photographing time they're not nearly a decade and that we are women look at photograph and a boom up often that there might be some type of a type of manipulation we always noted that might be possible at that moment it he'll beam if you are looking at a photograph i there's a bit of trust with the person who make it as someone who at the hatred sacred duty of pretenfing objective reality is we will believe that if the possibility of believing that if you believe in technology and believe that uh eventually human technology will accomplish everything and if at the same time you believe even the eternal soul that you might believe that those can combine me in that eventually we will be able to photograph your it but the problem rant mumber ran into in new york if that the mayor of new york city of the time on a okochi how i with having a crack down on what he considered hadn't swindle epa i'm because they were targeting new york tora and he would make it was making it difficult and make new york into the store at mecca that we know today and so when a complaint about mumlek came to the mayor's office the mayor put heat mack heat marco on the case i personally investigated muuler and he would the one he was able to arrest him for fraud in 1859 we started uh what what at that point the trial defend cherie that the trial of william my for fraud had to put its entire bully and spiritual with them on trial both in the new york city court and international blitz i wanna talk a little what about the cork is of course before we wrap up a ought to me about his connection with mary todd lincoln and how did that even happen short uh mary todd lincoln was spiritual a few believe and found in that there were rumors if they aren't being out in the.

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