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Maybe it will Now Then again, I and and I am expecting the tide to start to turn on the phones here. At 855 to 1 to four. CBS where we're going to start to, I think here from the the conference honks. Let's say, whereas by God I'm messy, Seymour growing playoffs 11 Dad Gum football games, even if we got to go play directional state. At the beginning of the year and all that. I know I'm using my Southern accent. Don't get all AG aerated with me there, But you understand my point is that there are going to be some. I mean, I think there will be some conferences to Gerry's point. Who will get creative and get inventive because there might be games to be had out there. And if somebody unplugged you know you, Khun, Go battle in court, or you can figure out the money guarantee end of it. You know, so and so was supposed to get this check from this team to show up and play on this date. You can. You can figure all that out because of covert 19 and I would assume that it's the old act of God scenario. Okay? This was an act of God. The cancelled this So let's just tear up this contract or let's agree to move the game to 2023 or something when you have another hole in your schedule down the road. But maybe teams will be inventive. And I would I would hope so. Quite honestly, You know, I hate to miss Notre Dame Navy or something like that. I would, in part because Navy's damn good football team Bob's in Ohio on the grass show on CBS Sports Radio on the gut Feel for college football. Bob what he got A man love college football, huge Ohio State and I am a realist, so and I just don't see How they're going to play. You know you're going to bring these kids in from all over the country right now. And gather them together on Saturday. On do exactly what the CDC is recommending you not do that gather in large groups. Take so many people to run a college football program. You know, I don't know how you have 50 to 60 people on the sideline on Saturday. And keep people safe. And these these are kids. These are not Paid athletes. They're students. A lot of these colleges aren't even going to be having students on campus. Yet we're gonna ask them to play football. It's just such a hypocrisy and the money is driving everything. And I I think they're gonna have some problems. This virus is seems to be getting worse, especially in the South. Um and I just don't see how they're going to do it. Well, Bob, you hit the keyword. It's the money end of it. And how important college football is all these programs and Bob? Thank you ate 55 to 1 to four, CBS. I want to jump on this color after Ah Peter shorts, guesses updated on everything coming up here because you know, Bob mentioned the money piece of it. That is what is going to drive all of this and to me. We sit here talking about the N I l legislation, the name image and like this What is about to happen over the next four months is every reason why the college football players should be treated differently than other athletes on campus. When it comes to N I l and their importance to overall athletic programs. We'll get to that 855 to 1 to four, CBS. America. What is your gut feel? Will we have college football? Will we have the NFL? The NFL? They're going to figure it out. I think college football. It's going to be truncated based on how much money is really at stake. 855 to 1 to four. CBS Let's get updated on everything in the world Sports. Here's Peter shorts. Sports Flash CRASH The Washington Redskins will be no more, according to the sports Business Journal. The Redskins intend to announce tomorrow. They're retiring. The nickname nickname will not immediately announced the team walking through trademark issues a timeline for announcing a new nickname still unclear. Meanwhile, the NFL players reportedly to meet Monday. Hopes of agree the terms on a return to work training camp set to start in just over two weeks. Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell has been released in the hospital in Rhode Island after testing positive For covert 19 last wait, not a baseball lineup brace of an email of season ticket holders today, saying they will not be changing their nickname. But they will take a further look at the future of the Tomahawk chop. Not a NASCAR Cold. Custer will always remember the first time turned lucky Call Custer. Can you believe it? Incredible. Incredible. Last restart. I can't wait to go back and watch this. That's gonna put Cold Custer in the All Star raised for Wednesday. Mike Joy. Jeff Gordon Fox Rookie Cold Custer picking up his first career Cup series victory winning Back in Sucky Speedway. More insurance junior second Matt Benedetto third at a golf Colin work, our beating Justin Jonathan a playoff with the Workday Charity Open in Dublin, Ohio. Throughout the playoffs, you know, I got a lot more comfortable, especially after that playoff colonial. I felt more comfortable now, but I felt way more comfortable after that. Making out Birdy fun first file. For me, that was huge. Had to make it after he made it. Both more cow and Thomas.

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