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Good evening, Unpick von that it was his sponsored by tree. Tom dot com. A nine year old Chicago boy thought to have accidentally shot and killed himself yesterday did not first WG and traffic Kennedy still bit slow on that inbound side between Harlem and Montrose, then again, from Addison to Sacramento, and finally between Lake Street and Byrne Interchange 24 minutes now from O'Hare to downtown, the Eisenhower stopped and go inbound between 25th and Austin, then again between Ashland in downtown. It's 40 minutes from 3 92, The old post office The Stevenson's heavy outbound from Lamont to the Veterans Memorial Tollway 19 minutes from the drive to the tri state and watch out for a serious accident with entrapment on the South bound side by 55. It's just after route 1 26. A nine year old boy who was not to have accidentally shot and killed himself yesterday did not his younger sibling fired the fatal head shot. That's according to reporting tonight by the Chicago Tribune. Chicago Police initially thought and reported that it was a self inflicted accidental shooting. It happened Wednesday afternoon in the 1500 block of North Laurel. The victim has been identified as Ashton Lipscomb. Tribune report says the boy's 13 year old brother told investigators it was their five year old sibling. The parents were not home at the time it remains under investigation have been no charges. $2000 in reward money is being offered up in last night's fatal shooting of a 10 year old girl on Chicago's South East side. The money was donated by the Andrew Holmes Foundation founder and community activist Andrew Holmes says the rewards only good until Saturday. Community come on, step up..

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