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Harris Allen, no baseball in the rocks last night after way to go two hours. The schedule game between the Yankees and Orioles was postponed due to unplayable field conditions of standing water in the field. And with the forecast if this was the correct decision, according to Yankee manager, Aaron Boone, obviously, a bad situation there where it wasn't you know, the standing water in left field. And then then all. Sudden the emerging thought that maybe more rain was on the way. Definitely I think the right call to to to put this one off they'll make it up on Wednesday as part of a single admission double header that'll start at three oh five the series opener will now be tonight. Jay Happel start for the Yankees. Andrew cash ner for the os coverage on the fan underway of five fifty five. More injury news for the bombers Aaron Hicks coming off the I L but Miguel on do heart goes back on it with that small labor tear to his right shoulder. Jonathan Loayza also to the I L he shut down at least four weeks with a strained rotator cuff. Mike talk a sent down to AAA the recall pitchers chance Adams and Nestor Cortez junior. The Mets after Monday off open a three game series versus the nationals tonight down in DC. It'll be Noah Syndergaard, they sing Jeremy helicopter the scoreboard. American League White Sox dumped the Indians five to two yo on Moncada homered twice. The Astros won their six zero pounding the Tigers eight to one angels. Five four on the twins. And the Mariners in ten innings Scott past the as six to five National League Phillies. Seven brewers four JT rail Muto broke four four time with a RBI double in the seventh was the diamond backs all over the pirates nine to three Stanley Cup playoffs game to Western Conference finals out in San Jose. The blues even things at a win apiece with a four two victory defenseman Robert Bork Tuesday. First career playoff goal was a game winner at broke a too late in the second period for coach Craig Baru back. I mean, I guess boards. Like a finds a way to get open offensive zone. He does real good things in there and jumping in at the right time. And he's because obviously have the touch to produce all the time. But he sort of big one the night for us. The score the scene shift to say Lewis for Wednesday's game. Three Logan Qatar had both goals for the sharks. We've got basketball news next WFAN twenty twenty sports time three oh, two with over ninety years of combined legal experience.

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