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The group in the in the turf classic i when i made a pick three play last night. Nick oh i found myself having to use master of fox hounds dangerous. Yeah it's it's you know the problem. I have with horses. Like this is stretching to enforce forces out especially euro types that come over is generally a white flag on on more classic distances in my opinion generally but there are a lot of rules like that that have been broken consistently over the last few years. And so i probably shouldn't take too much of a hard line approach with that Because it's a horse who's clearly improved throughout his time with richard baltimore and You know guys like baltics and sadler d'amato having strings in kentucky has definitely made them a lot more proficient when it comes to these kinds of cards and it used to be that you know people that looked at east coast racing ladder midwest turf racing dismissive of west coast sources. And and. that's just not the case anymore and in part because these guys just aren't exclusively west coast trainers so i i love count again and i've been looking sort this race for quite some time I would not make an argument against anybody who wants to believe that smooth like straight could potentially wire field i think colonel liam is overrated. I is generally my opinion Colonel em actually has a lot of the the same characteristics of a horse. Like max field. The differences that max yield is facing basically the same type of forces. He's been beating over and over currently in facing significantly better horses than he's run against in his last two starts and you can put a label on the pegasus race and and act like it's one of the greatest races of all time because that's how it's marketed by. It's not right it's january turf race and and it's january turf rates where most of the turf war good tur- forces in this country are on the shelf. So he beat up what lined up He did so with an excellent trip. He faced a very very weak field at fairgrounds domestic spending account again. We'd like straight these are real forces. These are these are good. Good tur- for so. I was actually hoping kufo would be in this race to but i've is a very good horse Digital age is a very talented horse ride. A comet has gotten very good now in the last six months or so so this looks to me like a really tough spot in that respect. I don't love way. The race is going to set up so count against purposes because it does look like smooth like straight will dictate terms on the front end but he just ran so well in the into the teeth of extremely slow pace. I have to take him at. What will probably be better distance for him when push comes to shove with jockey. That's likely to get him a little bit more involved early. And i'm i'm not saying that science should really push him to go forward but he should definitely be closer to the pace and that might really be all it takes. Because he's going to be. He closes with that same kind of i mean he. He's going to be. You're going to be heard from the stretch. Gets us for some final derby thoughts and nick We we talked similarly yesterday. There's of coverage on on the two day ticket known agenda. Medina's spirit hot rod charlie midnight bourbon dynamic one and essential quality and. I'm pretty much in that same mindset. What i'd love for you to do. We got time because it looks like sativa is tied up in in a meeting and duke do so unfortunately no duke and no sedation It will wrap up with with. Just the dave greenwich. You're right at the end of the show. What i'd love for you to do is explain to people how they build a cost effective. Let's say maybe derby try or or derby try actually probably good for for fifty cents to meet to show people how to approach this using the horses. You like. Yeah i mean it depends on on your opinion first of all. But i've always as i go. I mean i'm i'm i'm a wheel guy. I'm not a somebody who make fox's i just. I don't think you can be effective long-term in terms of hitting tracked boxes And make money doing that. So what i generally have done in derby and had some success over time. He's take a price source key. Them in the tri sector with the logical horses. So you know the ones that i laid out yesterday. That that i think have wind chances alexei amongst those you like dynamic one best you horse dynamic one and you play try. That looks something like eleven with one. Eight nine ten fourteen with you. I'm not a big proponent of using all in the derby because.

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