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Has to eat like he has to decelerate and get to the touchline and then cut back just to give enough time her more than one other person to be in the box. We finally had somebody else that matches up with him from speed standpoint. It's somebody who the rapids are extremely familiar with. You know who they can trust from that standpoint. so i'm excited about that I also i. I'm saying that that there's excitement but also with the understanding that there's very little expectation so in that like the floor is botchy basically doing nothing because it should be a lot of Rubio and then some of andrei you shaky at the number nine position and then like the the ceiling for him or dislike going exceeding expectations is probably like one or two goal contributions. If we're talking about a player who's played in five games. This season for nashville. He's at two starts only hundred eighty seven minutes. He has one assist and then last year albeit in a very truncated twenty twenty season Started ten games played in twelve seven hundred fifty minutes one goal. One assist on and you know was brought in to be a reclamation project and ultimately nashville got better as they signed a bunch of other attackers and ultimately as they prove. That could be a playoff team. Body wasn't starting so if all dominic balji is is You know occasionally used attacking counterattacking player. Who's gonna play like four hundred minutes and score like one goal and if nothing else he is diego. Rubio quad insurance. I'm okay with that. And so i'm happy. There's a guy i'm happy. There's a guy who brought a lot of happy memories for colorado rapids spans given how quickly that 2016 team was ultimately dismantled. That some guys come back and also come back. I should point out mark as a if there's any player who i think better represents the money ball let portsmith cook era of the colorado rapids. It is certainly the trading and then the acquisition of dominic balji. If we talk about the move to get calendar cost you know in hindsight folks. It's pretty obvious to see who ultimately won that trade between fc dallas and the colorado rapids but then if we see the other assets of the rapids gap between the hundred and fifty cain gams and international slot and in the first round. Pick that first round. Pick was then transitioned Was then package ultimately trade up into the draft. Get jeannie shaky even further prove that the colorado rapids on that trademark Fc dallas actually have the fourth round pick in that spot and then picked up a guy who has not made his mls debut didn't stick around with dallas. He's now with san diego loyal on loan from minnesota united. I didn't even look up his name. Because that's how relevant this person is so as he had a chance to get genius cheeky on the board so the rapid packages asset that they also got her body to move up to get andreessen. Yoshiki some of that game in the international spot. Go do choir clint irwin. Who's been a good servants club is a very viable backup goalkeeper then. Fc dallas traits him for three hundred fifty k. Calendar costa's work way more money than that so ultimately you have A nashville got one goal and to assist and then traded away. Two hundred seventy five k. Her dominic body he scores he gets one-goal contribution the rest of this year everything else's money and all of this in the context of the reality that the minute he signed his contract he was already playing with house money because he was a fourth round super draft pick and none of those guys sign with their teams fourth-round super draft picks Folks are such a relevant asset in terms of having an trading away that there is no longer.

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