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Nfl players are not be allowed to kneel during the national anthem anymore but the forty niners abstained from today's otherwise unanimous vote approving that new policy kcbs reported exuberance says the former niners quarterback was sparked this whole controversy remains unemployed there was a time when this version of the star spangled banner was considered subversive now qatar thirteen lee emulate jimi hendrix before ball games but the nfl says kneeling during the national anthem remains disrespectful and players who are on the field must stand or their team will be fine this all began of course when forty niners quarterback colin kaepernick neil not to protest the military or veterans but racial inequality and police brutality in america there are a lot of things that are going on their unjust people aren't being held accountable for and that's something that needs to change now cabinet nick is unemployed richard lap chick head of the institute for diversity and ethics in sport at the university of central florida tells kcbs the nfl won't make things better with this new approach i don't see it as much of a compromise them more than disappointed with the decision it certainly gives me appearance of trying to silence the players after time when it seemed like the relationship with players had improved lap chick says players are likely to find some other way to protest in the locker room or in the tunnel is really not an answer they the players need to find a way to get their voice back forty niners owner jed york abstained from the vote because he didn't feel the players were consulted enough doug sovereign kcbs the.

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