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Where electra who is less priority than her sister if a janata she arranges with the seamstresses to make clothing for her like if into is cool thing and she comes in to the room to witness the quintessential family response two daughters independent decision the mother cut him nostra says why are you wearing that i'll do it just this we you pohan seed heard a table were no one will notice sir please and it so frightening to see the family deal nam eric soak duststrewn at play in counterpoint to the heroism of the tragedy yes each of them has a weakness agamemnon weakness and he's not heroic is the he knows what he should do which is not sacrifice his daughter and then he knows what he wilder which is he will sacrifice her i need you watch him wavering you watch his wife's contempt for him clutter mestre week this is for justice french she sees this beautiful man who she can have in her bad he takes him too much into her and confidence and in fact that causes a great deal trouble for her but there's also this a sense of sex you will jealous he going on between her and her daughter electric it isn't merely that electric objection to her mother is that she killed her father without permission from the gods it is the tweeting the two women there is there there is a almost a baffled going on for who is the sex your presence the sex with female presence in the palace and where the dover tries to assert herself sex really the mother knows exactly what to do which is to put her in the corner the shadows or no will see her and laugh at her i'm michael solver blurred near glistening to bookworm from the studios of case here w i'm talking with comb tweet bean about his new novel house of names will continue after the short break.

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