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Looking for the truth you find on coast to coast am let's start with jack in queens new york go ahead without you guys are educated guy and i'm wondering how the educated guy actually fully that to have been ufos how do you rifleevent growth spirit and the s p harun normal there hasn't been attacked hill pizza concrete evidence to support any of this let me ask you do you think that we aren't alone in the universe have no idea okay so that's exactly our approach we have no idea we have great guests come on the program that we interview about the possibilities but we have no idea so they answer your question about were smart intelligent guy how did we do this that's why we're looking for the answers just like you are and jack restless cherd we appreciate your scepticism i think it's healthy and looking to ask you to do one thing keith that open mic that's all i'm going to ask fear stacy cohen with the daily consumer on xm satellite radio well the feds would like to see a little more privacy online federal trade commission says online data brokers should have to show consumers the information they have collected about them you could hold your breath and wait for this to happen by that it's not something we recommend should you have to turn over your facebook passport is part of a job interview to us senators don't think south and they're demanding a justice department investigation into what seems to be a common practice these days what's the worst thing you can do if you're at risk for heart ailments while there is a new study it says it may be to eat high fat foods avoiding carbs is pretty popular with those trying to lose weight that the study finds that eating fatty foods like most meet it can cause changes that heightened your risk of heart attack so salo oda kids no donate the kids they've got fat on him to until they grow up and eat that broccoli that's what's good for.

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