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The Giants have two more home runs and total at 47 to actually four more home runs 47 to 43 for the Dodgers, but the Dodgers were scoring 187 run so far 153 for for for the giant. So that portends that the Dodgers just have more firepower and they're they're under performing. Right now, the doctors are so that's that discrepancy is only going to get wider. And but I needed another data point. I need something else to tell me. Yeah, the Giants have no chance here, man. This This is an early season fluke. They're gonna fall away than a fall by the wayside and let me let me go look at their staff. Is the problem. Kevin Guzman is bawling Right now. He's three. You know, on the season with a sub to ER ray hysteric per per nine is nine. You got a strikeout parading right? And then you go, Alex would he's same waits, 30 years old as well. He's undefeated. He's foreign on the season is the arias is better than then. Guzman said it 11 80. Johnny Cueto just came back off. The deal is only pitch one game. I think it was a loss, but he just came back, so I look at their rotation. And I don't see glaring deficiencies there as well. So are are they gonna be able to sustain this? I'm going to say yeah. Jake McGee. They're closer. Got 10 saves only he's only blown. I think one or so, Yeah, I think they can. So I want to stay in bounds, even though my initial gut reaction was no. The Dodgers and the Padres gonna take this and run away, But right now, I got to say the Giants can keep pace for a little while. Are you in or you out? All right, let's finish up with some minor league baseball. Yes, that's right. I said minor League baseball. Major League Baseball brings in nearly 11 year and revenues. That's billion with a B league doesn't spend much of that on the miners. As minor league players have complained for years about the lack of livable salaries and unfair working conditions. The Major's has decided to eliminate 42 minor league ball clubs this year. However, one bit of good news comes out of Houston after the Astros announced they'll become the first major league club that will provide furnished apartments, toe all minor league players, eliminating the need for players to cram into overcrowded apartments. He was host families or sleep on couches and air mattresses. So my question to you, Teke inbounds out of bounds. MLB should eliminate minor league clubs and pay the remaining players more rather than continue toe under pay an already overcrowded farm systems. Yeah, I'm going to say Inbounds of this on by hate it because, you know, I love that, you know, Bull Durham Nature of nine League baseball that you've just seen we've seen over the years and You know, every now and then a kid makes it out of there. But it Z taxing the system. And honestly, you know, when you when you say those things that you were just describing decell, like sleeping on air mattresses, and you know, three or four guys and in a hotel room sounds like a college. Exactly Exactly. And in college, one thing that you know As if once guys get a little bit loose, like performance, whether school and in this case we're talking about on the baseball field is going to suffer. So what is their actual development happening? Or these guys? Just just kind of hoping it in wishing instead of being Positioned and supported enough to actually make something happen with their baseball career. The miners are vast. It is such a crap shoot with the number of of draftees in the NBA and MLB draft every single year. We saw it truncated significantly this year because of the the pandemic. So I'm gonna be interested to see empirically down the line. Uh what? What the guys who actually did get drafted this year and how they're treated whether that has a Positive or negative effect on the success rate. From a drafting standpoint, I think it will be is they've overtax themselves for years taken shots on 8 17 18 year old kids who don't want to go to college. Or that, maybe prospect that went to some school and he's got a little bit of a plus arm, but really not good stuff. Yeah, I gotta say inbounds D sell because There's too much waste in that system, and I think Major league baseball it took a pandemic for them to realize it. They come to realize that they've got too much fat. They gotta trim. Tune in next time for another edition of inbounds or out of bounds with Kiki and Tierney. All right. Last night, the Lakers raised the banner and they want a game without Anthony Davis or LeBron. But his king James going too far and some of his criticism of the MBA and win the heck is he gonna lace him up again? 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