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Minnesota, Clippers, Jeff Teague discussed on 24 Hour News


Up early this morning to help us out the nice match going on to radio three to one. How 'bout that some slow road patio? Very United work there. We fit right in nine five two eight five eight eighty three hundred if you call right now anything is just would be. Awesome force. And we'd appreciate that say, listen as you call. I do want to give you a wolves minute. 'cause there's good news. Yes. They won last night. Let's find out with your wolves minute. I'm John folk well after Minnesota finalize their trade with Philadelphia earlier this afternoon bringing over Robert Covington Dario Saric and Jared Bayliss those guys not active tonight. The good news for Minnesota's they hosted the Brooklyn nets Jeff Teague and Andrew Wiggins both back in the starting lineup. Wiggins finishes up with thirteen points, six rebounds, and three assists. Meanwhile, Teague twenty four points and eleven assists is I double double of the season. Karl Anthony towns led the way with his six career twenty twenty game twenty five points and twenty one rebounds. Derrick rose continued his shooting knocking down three of five from on his way to scoring twenty three points in Minnesota picks up a much needed one Twenty-one thirteen win over the nets snapping a five game scared after the game. Here's Anthony tolliver. No matter what the game looks like and be ugly. It can be scrappy. Whatever you come out on the other end with a win. You know, it feels good Minnesota will continue their five game homestand Wednesdays. Welcome in the New Orleans. Pelicans, John focus on NewsTalk eight three zero WCC. Oh, how about that? Mike. It looks like the Butler deal was just a fantastic. Like, I said yesterday about Butler, goodbye, good riddance. It worked out last night cake. Your take your general pain somewhere else? You know? It's all in a matter perspective. I the warriors last night. I watched them lose to the clippers overtime. And at the end of the game. The warriors are screaming at each other. While there's they've won all these championships. And it's just a matter of perspective wherever team your app. But maybe yeah, we're we are blessed here in this town with a lot of great get NBA NHL gutter MB L get well on on those you get. You're you're softball league mice volley league. I haven't heard back from Maori at if he's gonna play slow pitch or this next year thirty five and over to you're going to hear from his agent versus. Well, he's gonna have to rotate when he brings a beverages like the rest of and again, we have the hunger emission effort going here today union gospel mission twin cities, and that's on all wait way till seven o'clock tonight. But if you can call this morning at nine five two eight five eight eighty.

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