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Like I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it months ago, and I read the review for little white rice for it. So as long time ago, and I think like you were saying what makes includes two good these days, especially. But I think even in dangerous liaisons back in the day, it's her ability to play duplicity so well, like she can. You know, she has a line in Denver sneeze, which he said that went since she was a teen in the French culture run to smile while underneath the table. She was plenty to four. In the back of a hand, you know, she has this ability to, you know, be kind of unreadable, but same time you can read something in that unwritten ability. You know what I mean? Like she's like very complex and she's really good at paying characters that have real depth to them. So I think that's why this is really hard to talk about the product is movie because, yeah, it's all about like this low reveal, but also it's because it's this reveal to herself because all these years she's been. Sending house other. That's what she wanted. And now to backtrack now would be catastrophic because all these years, she she was fine with how she was leaving her life and at this late age when at this particular moment for her husband and for her kid as well to have this son prima max, who's Jimmy son, he's fine like he's very, he's got a lot of resentment for his parents and especially for his dad like to come and change your mind now would be massive. So it's very complex movie and the Christian Slater, amazing just to see that great actors acting together that never happens anymore. Like, no, she wasn't guardians of the galaxy with some of a great actors. I mean, like did not have in deep conversations about legacy and so good scenes with. Jonathan Pryce. Yes, he's really great in it. I mean, he's game of thrones nowadays since he that's primarily one maybe known for for for younger viewers. But of course, Brazil and. Don't Caretas is other big show upcoming, but this is this is coming. London. I guess it's happening exactly and the director beyond run God knows not to really get in the way of these performances, but there are still these little subtle flourishes in these early scenes. When you're talking about the work, she has to do the erasure, the erosion of the of the wife where Jonathan prices character Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe is at the center of the frame everyone's crowding around him to congratulate simply owner, always giving a speech or he's talking to their as luminaries and the camera to slowly pans and focuses in on her perspective in this space. Silence. Man, forget her name people that really must be a why she thinks. Yeah, exactly. Then there is that that strength and backbone behind. The ability of the face we heard has I'm not victim on former interesting than that slow reveal of who who is there behind. Love each other very much. And I think it's a lot of other stories kind of eat. I position a relationship like this has been a kind of a power struggle where the man has all the power, but in the psych Joan, Joe, they genuinely have left a very happy life together. They do love each other, and I think that makes it more interesting more difficult to realize that this person that you've been in love with an are in love with you. You kind of have taken very different things away from these four years of marriage together. It's really painful this movie in some ways, but also very, very rewarding like, yeah. Yeah. Should we put movies like the best maybe three schools on this come to for?.

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