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And you know it's just not a part of the country born morning. Console had a poll. We're last couple of days saying what what are. Your top priorities had ten parties. What are your top priorities for the country? The impeachment was number ten in terms of priorities. And I think that speaks volumes about where we are now. I don't know whether the Democrats can turn this around. I don't I think at this point. The chances are you're the president's going to come out of this hurt but not damage and it's GonNa definitely be up to the voters and you I mean I think you've said and correct me if I'm wrong did that this bigger than what Nixon as Adam Schiff was making the point in both the clips. You showed that what he uncovered he felt was worse than Watergate. I agree with him. I think it was in one way for its national security. It is not a domestic domestic policy issue. It's not a bungled burglary that you cover up. It's not a internal White House sponsored burglary. You're covering up There that overriding problem creates a huge difference to me But also I was frankly surprised that Nixon resigned. He did have have information to fight. He didn't know it unfortunately he didn't mind all the tapes and didn't have that information today. You can assemble a a very strong argument that he survived using this as well. I eat no one's ever asked me. We're GONNA take a quick break. Ah moorhead just Ed were GONNA ask the member of the Intelligence Committee. Sean Patrick Maloney for his thoughts now that the second week of public impeachment testimony has wrapped up. And you do you remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN. Hey everyone it's poppy harlow and this week's episode of boss files. A conversation with San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly. She has a remarkable story of resilience and define the dropped out of high school at fifteen years. Old were donut shop and then turned it all around to get her. Hd Day she is responsible for ramping in US and monitoring policy. It's an important conversation you find. It is fascinating and I did. Check it out. Subscribe the boss miles. Today's impeachment hearing ended. It was the most powerful testimony in what been two weeks memorable. The moment my next guests was a big part of all congressman. Sean Patrick Maloney as a Democrat on the intelligence committee thanks For being with US first of all of your takeaways from today with Funeral Hill and David Holmes what what stood out to you Two more incredibly impressive public servants. Look at Dr. He'll story you know. I mean the daughter of coal miners comes to this country. Believing in its promise says my working class accent never gotten away and look at her success and she knew right from wrong and she went reported what she saw and boy she demonstrated trated clarity and courage today and David Home. Same thing. That's a guy who understood what his duty was stepped forward and said I have the direct evidence. People Flirt. Complaining is missing and I'm gonNA come give it. And of course they come on the heels of ten Colonel Women and Ambassador Bridge and Bill Taylor hailer military heroes distinguished members of the foreign service all telling a story at risk of their own professional careers. It was an extraordinary week. And we're grateful to all of them. I I want to play something that happened yesterday. You in a question you had with embassador sunland response. You had to something. He said disturb impromptu. Let's tickle I've been very forthright and I really resent what you're trying to fair enough. You've been very forthright. This your third try to do so sir. Didn't work so well. The first time did it. We had a little declaration. Come in after you remember that an hour here third time and we got a statement from you this morning. There's a whole bunch of stuff you don't recall so all all due respect sir. We appreciate your candor but let's be really clear on what it took to get it out here. Did you practice that. Because that was that was was was that impromptu I mean that was was but and it was because he wouldn't answer a simple question. which was I think pretty obvious concern which is that? All of this was done to benefit the president personally politically and that he was trading official acts or offering to to get that personal benefit. That is the textbook definition of soliciting thing. A bribe and ambassador. Sunlen has that knowledge and I was getting a little sick of him dancing around he also a few on the hill today. Really put investor Sunland in the camp of Mulvaney Giuliani whereas Sunlen put himself in the camp of Volker and career. Foreign Service officers of well. Well we were just trying to break the logjam and advanced. US interests and we had to deal with Giuliani. Yeah I have no doubt that ambassador Sunlen sees himself as the hero hero in his own narrative. But what I can tell you is that it took a lot of other cooperation. A lot of other brave witnesses to put them in a box and to get the truth out of them and even as we sit here. You've got people like Dr Hill saying I was Burrito Memento Biden instantly so Tim Morrison by the way so that anybody with Google machine gene and and and somehow doc ambassador sunland wants us to believe that he never had any idea. An investor Volker sort of has the same argument and didn't initially understand PRISMA meant Biden. I mean I want to be clear. We are glad that both of those witnesses came forward and gave their testimony and from what I can tell we. He had reliable testimony by ambassador silent and he confirmed some critical pieces of this puzzle. So I am appreciative of that I do think there were some continuing gaps in his memory that raise some questions but other witnesses thank goodness fill. The men like David Holmes today. who heard the president's voice voice talking about did they do? Did they agree to do the investigations. Even though Sunland Continues to conveniently not remember that Kevin Kevin McCarthy told CNN tonight. He believes his an lose any Republican votes during impeachment that he's actually going to gain votes from Democrats. Do you think that's a possibility. I don't I don't know and I don't don't have a crystal ball on that. You know what I care about. I care about that that those of us in Congress try to demonstrate some of the same courage the guys like Lieutenant Colonel Kinman did did I mean the guy sat there and said tell the story about his dad leaving Russia where he would have been killed for doing this said my my dad got three of us in the military here. He believed in this country. We've all defended and fought for it and in America right matters. Well here's hoping right. And what is going to depend on is guys is like Kevin McCarthy getting getting two feet out of his partisan gain plane and trying to look at this with some perspective. I think any fair person looking at the facts faxed the evidence has to say has to say the minimum. This is very serious conduct. That is unbecoming any American President. And if you really look at it I think you would would conclude that the president was clearly endeavouring to obtain a personal political benefit trading official acts in the process. And you want to argue that. That's not up to the level level of impeachment. Well God bless Ya but it seems to me that the founders wrote bribery into the text of the constitution because light treason it involves selling out your country for personal gain and selling your honor at the expense of your country. I am sorry to tell all my friends who continue to support the president that that's what happened here and it's up to us to to see it for what it is kearns. Maloney appreciate your Tom. Thanks for getting my pleasure back now with our legal and political team David do you think the idea of losing some Democrats on this. I'm doing Kevin. McCarthy is right here I think they might lose a few. I doubt it will be very many. I did. I did think that heard Republicans again. Going back to this point Scott Jennings earlier I think he represents what you may see. More Republicans move in that direction I heard was talking to me. I started my got. He's GonNa break. And he swerved right at the last minute unstated has in the past gone farther than a lot of other Republicans he's got it's not about eighty percent rate of voting with this president. He's broken with on serious stuff surrounding immigration. He's in a district that's turning. He won't one this last election of two thousand votes. He's obviously a retiring because he probably couldn't win that seat again. But this is the classic will heard you know sort of joking with David before the show that this is kind of what he does and he's pleased people like David who think. Oh this is going to. He's going to side with the Democrats and be something other than kind of Republican falls in line with this president but again vote. He didn't think that this inquiry was a good idea. So the idea of that he would come down against this president resident knowing that he wants future in the Republican Party. I think it was always unlikely John Dean when it goes the Judiciary Committee. What actually happens opens? It's very interesting little different this time because the house itself had to undertake the investigation that is normally taken by grand jury Another our investigative body the Department of Justice. Here they justice turned it down so the house. Intel Committee undertook the Ukrainian investigation. They're bringing that in. They already have the report of the special counsel. What are they going to do with that? That's got counts of obstruction of justice in it no conspiracy. There is evidence of collusion. Are they going to merge that altogether those are decisions they have to make and see what comes out. What does the press discover new things over the next two? They can bring them right out. They can hold here instead of juries just jurisdiction so more witnesses can come in. I'm still in the judiciary so absolutely how long do you think it would. I mean I guess there's no way to know how long would be the judiciary committee. Well I think they have a goal of trying to do it before the Christmas recess. If if new evidence broke I'm sure they go over to the New Year and David then in these moves moves over to the Senate side it is a whole other kind of experience. I mean it is all the senators. They're all present all sitting there six days a week right and I. I think I think that was entering the Republicans talking to the White House today and try and coming out basically as you reported trying to limit this to two weeks. Ah You know for the for the trial. What I'm not clear how who speaks? And the of attorney the managers they make the case. How many measures managers are there and each side? There's a rule typically decides that and the speaker will decide that and probably four or five or six. Yes yeah outside counsel Talk the president can bring his counsel. I remember for example White House Counsel Charlie Rough did the closing argument for Bill Clinton which was he rarely represents the office of the president so I was surprised to see him make that argument but he made it in the context of the the office. I get there We have more breaking news coming up another. CNN exclusive schools have an FBI officials under criminal investigation connection with the two thousand sixteen campaign. We have details on. That next.

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