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In the face off. One by tro check now behind the net getting dumped there the puck covers back through center under the stick of Yosi. Zubin retrieves. Shubin worke the puck to center off the skate there. Blackwell brought back in. Here's the shot by Malvern rebound came out in that circle. He couldn't get the rebound. A turn into a shot. Yosef in around the left wing side that went around the ala Smith back of the net. Matheson got their visit up the right wing board. And they break the puck out. Tuborg Trump who dumps the puck in. Let's behind his goal for Nashville. Six minutes remains now in the third period. Forsberg cuts in through center, broken up at the line Ellis fires at back in after Forsberg got back on side. Long backhanded clear swinging amidst with a backhand by Ellis. That'll come back in the Nashville and for other icing. Call against the Panthers five forty three remains now in the third period. Don't have to panic plenty of time left in this game. But they've got to start getting pucks to the net. Like they have been. You know at times, they're they're crashing. And but they need to guys they're constantly at the net. Now sceviour takes the puck. And simply flips it out across the line down the left wing are trying to make a setup in front predators. Bring it back out citizens now Forsberg down the right wing. The Endo cleared it out to center. Predators have to clear the zone. They do Yandell has the puck behind the Florida net. Five eighteen remaining. Panthers..

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