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Who did there's war what who said that All right so on the Monday night. Raw really quickly. Let's run through it because I thought it was actually really good. One of the only shows I watch this week. Alison wait sorry I got someone right To open the show we had radio and come out and it was wants to be him versus Matt. Hardy Matt Hardy wasn't cleared. They fucked them over again. Because you say which I think. The story works out better. It's better story by no Matt. Would Matt would have one more match show? I think that he called it that way. Do you know why because if edge laugh the way he did where Randy beat him up that way the same way that he did to Matt there. Why would you put Matt in the match a week after? 'cause edge could've done the same thing that is true that is true and plus that's why am same. Matt knows what it is probably went to edith. Yeah and he said he's GonNa work because you know why because if edge left the same the way people people say that social media before rather like This doesn't make any fucking sense What the Hell's going on with this so So Randy Orton You know Talking to Matt Hardy comes out with his neck. Brace saying that he's not cleared but he's to a wrestling match but he he's here for a fight read your and explains that he loves Ads like a brother. He walks off and then Mehari brings a steel chair. Randy or and concertos twice on the stairs with people are saying it's time to bring back. The punt. Kick hype is fuck for that age. This orton bipolar sort of character is fucking bring me back to the roots of. Oh eight brother and I love every second of it. Randy Orton alleged killer and the voices in my head radio and combined. He's combining both gimmicks right. He's combined the legend killer gimmick and then he's also he's using his on the voices inside my head. The crazy psycho. He didn't know nine. So he's he he he's culminating always Keel characters into one. I think it's great. I waiting for the punt. Kick though Gimme the punt kick also a raw. We had which by the way those people are saying. Oh the chair shots look fake. Shut the fuck up. I hate you I fucking hate you. All your nephew said right. On Social Media Social Media was the biggest mistake ever gave these nonsensical mooks voice and it was terrible. The worst part about is that I sent it to you that somebody was like. Oh they're already berry. Yeah Matt Hardy's careers actually giving China how they can't anyone. I explained to them his run. And what's the great thing about it heels? Nobody cares about my heart anyway. Already met whose game is buried simpleton why why are black defeats Eric. Ruin in after two black mass cakes. Great honor that. There's like a row in a match. Dan Yeah I go to a job or both of them. Both of them don't have quick match. They didn't have a quick match a good back and forth and I did like how to to black mass cakes. That drop them. Chris doesn't barrier growing and it makes them still extract. Yeah Charlotte cuts a promo Saying that She's bothered by the entitlement of woman and excuses great story saying how they had a grind in the performance center and you are privileged mood of a TV show on a brand great is. It's no longer shorts. Has Ever was the next best thing until they're not. I love this story. I think this is great. Riddick MOSS defeats Mojo. Rawley truth a triple threat from the twenty four hour championship. Which this makes no fucking says. I hate this bill. You liked it before because I thought about the I thought about two opportunity of like easy getting it and saying come at me. This is terrible using the worst talent ever. I hate and most of all people. Why don't you call him up? Like I'm like what the fun that's so fucking we're guy was his name with the the air guitars. Hagan Bring Bougainville. Hey I wanNA fuck with that better him allies concert Zeigler which I just don at twenty four hour. A twenty four seven bell suspended somebody. Somebody told me about it. I keep going on twenty. Four seven belt should not be all one show. No it should be heavy. Show should see people running through performance center and I did like they did this week though. Shout the Funk oh they had a whole segment where there were there at Funchal headquarters because it was located where they were at and they were in the Funchal store with the POPs and stuff and there. There's like a part of the store were jokers behind jail cell bars and shoot was thrown behind it and they did a whole like fucking pin thing and Funchal headquarters so it was cool because we love funk. Oh so who got the WHO? Who had the boat for Riddick Moss? He he He pinned on Mojo in front of the avengers fucking place. Which was I like Funky so it was cool Like I'm done. Whatever DO MCINTYRE DEFEATS EVERY P? Mvp's lasts much ever supposedly doing it on a on a sentimental note On his back of course he might go back. I don't know we'll see defeats the Talia after interference from Oscar Angel Guard Bobby Lashley defeat when Bertha Cardio and Roussev at the root of getting rolled. Up where the hell we doin' Roussev Ladies and Gentlemen Bring Back Reuss. Dana aiden English please. Rollins had a sermon in the ring. Laws is going to be over. Oh what is he? Goes on a flirt with Selena Vega Little Bit Grays. I no woman can capture a man like me says the proposal woman. What exactly an annex t you. What is enough seth? Rollins had a sermon in the ring where he said that He completed phase one phase two would involve the same fate. And then face the media. I think it'd be Kevin was versus Rows Mania which is great story is fucking phenomenal. I love it. I love it there. So the fucking bullshit. There's some oh Joe Yeah I hate the fact that we get a six maytag every week. Change it up give me. Kevin was versus Buddy Murphy in a singles match. Give me give me give me that one of the Viking raiders facing AARP and a singles match. Give me something else. But a six man tag. It's getting a little little repetitive. At this point ricochet defeats Carl Anderson just to hype up his match at Celje. Arabia ages styles came back and said that he doesn't care who it is. He doesn't care if it's undertaker wink wink. That's his opponent or a wink wink Mianyang. But she gets the victory over call. Edison live Morgan. Cut a promo saying that She's not a popular unleash. No more about Ruby Riot. And then finally we had Kevin Owens in the Viking raiders are feeding. Alpa Murphy via disqualification Rollins ran out the what? What do you think? I'm I'm hoping that swerved at Aj Hogan Yeah right all fucking things. I still. I'm still wanting to undertake thing. I don't care how many fifty five years give me three minutes that I should so I thought what was good intros. GimMe mother bugging out the whole nine. Thirty minutes of entrances. GimMe off again The signature is in the finishes. I'm ready to go when you thought about raw real quick. Thought it was good was The the Shayna Beza and And becky Lynn segment was. I GonNa say it's interesting. It's it's something that's what matters. It's better than Oscar versus fucking Dana Brick and What somebody because of she cursed she cussed all I on live. Tv He people. Jesus becky draft of money. These mattera material shit. Yeah what's IT? Shit out of yours. Whatever okay you try something half the man that you do next annexed to you. WanNa go right next to you. Were quick I wa. I go over what I saw but Started off with air coming out basically saying that a they're still on top and of course championships going nowhere. Velveteen dream cuts a promo behind backstage with the microphone. Vase don't mind the curtain. It's funny velveteen. Snapped his fingers like to disappear and the lights go back on a it took like twenty seconds go video eighty Alexa Alexa. Turn on turn on lean away. So atmosphere era and wanting dream had a quick segment to Roger. Strong and Valentin Dream to have a match later on tonight William Regal appeared after To announce that kyw in knoxville clash in two weeks in a steel cage. Match on an AC- they're treating. This is few big money which is interesting awesome. Theory comes out which I think is. Entrance is great with the fucking The shadow and should Zeke and should agree i. He's next scene. Mark my words chops. Randy arm CIAMPA comes out. Because he's pissed off beats up fucking chopper tells them he was like not now. I'll deal with you later. But not right now. He's not happy because they're having gone is like I'm not doing it. I'm not dealing. I'M NOT GONNA do it. This would you right now. And it's next week so after pizza awesome theory of next week. He insisted he insisted that he got to folks Shit Reclaiming Goldie and miss the signs. Lean-to GIGONDAS betrayal Bianca Bel Air. What should I do when I see? She interrupted a match. Victory Black what she black though. She did her black shirt. Not What? Oh Chelsea Green Caning Carter's match Big Abella interrupted a call Charlotte and flair and promise of beat down. This is what I'm saying. I think it might be a triple threat and maiming Jordan Devlin beat radio rush after eighteen minute match way. Long not impressed. Man unimpressive. George Devlin. I'm now I don't like that. We knew who's going to win the exactly. It was wait. They're trying to really waste time here. Issued a squash. He should have squashed real Leo Rush and the next match do a do the six fifteen seventeen right. This was twenty nine and a Half Leo when she was twenty minutes. Love this grill. Young Veterans defeated Joaquin Phoenix and Rahul Mendoza. Without was faster than the fucking. I was minutes and I wanted to see Mendoza and fucking homeboy. I think that'd be good to you for real. I wanted to see that Matt. That measure had ten minutes exactly x t tag team champions the browser weights defeated De Game which is actually another good match. I was cool.

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