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Connie Willis here on coast to coast AM our guest tonight is uncle Chucky with radionics we'll get to him in just a second earlier I had to wish everybody a merry Christmas Connie Willis here by the way I I wish everyone a merry Christmas also Hanukkah and said I'm not sure if that's still going or not I think it is and I got a nice tweet from someone just force thank you so much for tuning into listening and also kindly telling me what it was and and it's actually you know where you are in the country it was the when we started with the seventh night of Hanukkah they're not too far away from where I am actually and Denver at KO a studios is the city called boulder where actually guy is shot in where beyond belief TV a shot and he said that's one of the largest Jewish communities in the world and he also had to remind me of something I saw briefly earlier and I think it is worthy to talk about here and that is in New York City we've got our thoughts were totally with the family in the love ones we've got a chance got here with I heart media in Denver to just give us an update of what has happened well I just have a little bit of news here from a P. they they have it is a minus seat New York town about an hour north of Manhattan the man attacked a Hanukkah celebration at a rabbi's home in the town Saturday night wounding five people before fleeing the attack appeared to be the latest in a string of attacks on Jews in the New York area and the police say the stabbings happen around ten PM and they have had a little bit of a confusing information lately about whether someone is in custody they did pursue the vehicle but but like I say very sketchy and whether anyone is in custody currently okay thank you chance got us okay how sister station KO es hora Matt and I heart media engine for sale thank you for that update and again thousand family thoughts are going out to the family the love ones thank you so much for yeah give me that information as well about where we are and what is happening this is very sad so want to keep you up to date on things as well as they happen and going back to the show with uncle Truckee you know a Charles you were talking about how to build your machine which is real quick yeah you know apparently if you know your commander to be brief yes yeah well I don't want to make sure we get our shores yeah people call in him part of Texas you know he you know like what we were just talking about news wise I mean I know you say you can do those things but can you are you able to stop things like that from happening or you only got to know about it before it helps if we know but yeah we can you can create like what's called for form that will block things nothing is one hundred percent of course there are no guarantees in life but yeah you can and you can also make thought forms to hunt down people who do things like that and remove problems okay and and and in New Jersey he is quite Jewish and I have no doubt he is already at work okay yeah you guys are into the news for sure I know that about people in the radiologist world so let's go back you're building this piece as a matter of work well or not okay am I either had a lecturer well I collect helmet I do and I had this one hell what I really didn't care for so I built the help lecturer didn't or what and then put it on a Jack so I could plug it into the box so I put this they got I set the prices put me in the center of the universe I put my mind into the center of the universe that worked yeah yeah I even have a video on about it is centrally I eat I I said you know I had become god all okay well how did you know you were in the center my goodness yeah this is different all didn't stay in there very long because I came to the conclusion very quickly that this is probably not the healthiest thing for me to be doing psychologically so I took the helmet off on okay let's do more mundane things and for the gusto I want to be god I think small there was a great architect in Chicago and name Daniel Burnham who said make no small plans yeah so I was going to yell Hey let's see how far we could take this yeah it could sort of went from there it was just six months after experiment idea after idea I had a period of about three years what I was getting ill something every other day to try it just came they just came and so yeah a lot of a lot of testing a lot of fine that would work a lot of funny now which didn't yeah rice yeah there are things that just do not work with host next door without went to take his his date well that's life mmhm what is learned about you through the different people that I met along the way and we you know we have Josh will be more the shows up here on the show a lot and and your short talks with him a lot and they sold the doctor Walters wishing machine so yes that is actually how I ended up with doctor Mulder because he one of the he basically wanted to learn more about the stuff he was making and then we ended up doing things together and yeah and I had known him because doing it on because the coast I I saw it it was the the least expensive radionics machine ever on the planet that's where I was like wow that was affordable my books what what what that that's why I wrote my books because radionics machine if you didn't make your own costume Blankety blank blank hi I mean I am serious when I've seen six stages for these things I mean did you know my hand it used to be a lot worse only as well all you need is one client here cheaper to dial thing would run about what would now be about four hundred dollars so that it was wrong they were some for like two hundred and I'll put out of Wisconsin called Ellie are apostrophe Dee how that was supposed to be pronounced I have no idea and frankly been out of business for some time which is just as well because their stuff was very expensive and badly made how about I saw one of their instruments were all no no this page they charge a hundred dollars for this I can't believe people and there's an audience out there the story I will tell you okay zero five one of my first book was in press and my then editor Phyllis called the who ends up winning fate magazine was calling around to like bookstore owners called new age books for us to build basically trying to sell the book and she got this one person in Florida all.

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