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Great great, great from and let the stats don't do Justice do that. He's one of those drivers forever reason their myriad. He just doesn't have the numbers to back up. How good it drive is. I agree. I put him slightly above vegtable. Even though he has half the number of one of the things that also Alonzo houses almost wanna talk twelve for our which saw the season was real really difficult car. And he that was a long almost one of the Trump's much the same way as he dragged McClellan to six constructors championship eighteen that was the Lonzo doing it. If I was being really cheeky. I'd say he never drove into anyone from winning chance you Schumacher. He would not allow Nico Rosberg twinset twenty sixteen chance she'll lose because he wouldn't have messed up the starts and he wouldn't have lost twenty eighteen Sanjin furry because he wouldn't give them any points. Whereas Vetter though. Of course, it's never simple as you. Don't know. But he's he's in there with them. We should also say that he came very close to twenty two thousand seven championship very close to winning the twenty ten championship very choice to winning twenty twelve Petrov in twenty ten. So there's there's three championship straight away the cane ultra ultra close to. So suddenly, you do that. He's got five championships and changes. So I think it's kind of his his is what he's like a holy two time champion if you'll put it that way, he's a statistical anomaly isn't he is he's statistics are amazing. But they're not quite amazing enough. Now, that's probably very fair in its it shows specifics tell you a lot of things, but you have to be responsible with the use of them though. They're only parts of the story. There's a there's a way to pitcher. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month to month in a row. Leave a message at the hi, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for.

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