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Are so excited to. To introduce incredible Stephanie Fleming. She is a creative entrepreneurs speaker of and wellness seeker. Most notably, she is the CO founder of me and my big ideas creator of the happy planner, and what began twenty years ago as a tiny garage business is now an industry leading lifestyle brand and offers a wide variety of products that inspire customers to live creatively and plan a happy life. Please welcome Stephanie to the show. Okay, we'll Stephanie. We are so excited to have you on the here for her podcast. Thank you so much for joining us. And we are so curious about everything that you've created and your and so I think. Our audience is going to be very very interested in the business aspect of. Everything that we're about to talk about some super excited cool. I'm so excited to be talking to you. Guys for those who don't know. Tell us a little bit about your health. I'm Stephanie. Fleming and I'm a creative entrepreneur. I actually call myself like an accidental entrepreneur. I started my business me and my big ideas with my mom twenty actually over twenty years ago started in my garage with an idea of just one idea for making stickers for the scrapbooking industry at that time and. And really just kind of wanted to do it too. I needed a creative outlet. Yes, but I needed to pay the bills like I. was you know a young mom and struggling to make ends meet, and just really wanting to like. Go out there and I would do anything because I you know I wanted a better life for myself, and for my kids and <hes> and so I was definitely you're. You're? The definition of a hustler like I was like I have no money, but I will put in the sweat equity so. We been hustling with me and my big ideas for. Over twenty years now, and we've created everything <hes> from paper stickers and now planner, so planners is our latest the happy planners, our latest product line and <hes>. It's just been such a a wonderful thing for us to get into because we get to share a love for creativity for positively, and that's been kind of where I have fallen in the last probably five or six years which. Not only being an entrepreneur in a business person, but also being able to be the spokesperson for our product and our brand, and that's something that I've been totally passionate about. It's amazing. I'm curious. So, what did you do before you started your business? Were you a stay at home? Mom? Did you have have a job, so I was? I was pregnant when I was eighteen. Not Married had had a baby, and when immediately from high school to I need to find some way to take care of my son and I did in home daycare for eight years, and was daycare provider for <hes> six kids usually at one time and it was you know it's honest work? It's hard work. It's eleven hour days for you know for eight years and <hes> you know all I to do is be a good mom, and and so I didn't have a college education. I grew up in the craft industry though my. My parents had a manufacturing and distributing business so I grew up from picking orders in the warehouse. To you know watching my parents who are entrepreneurs basically navigate the craft industry and come along with them to trade shows and things like that so I always had that creative bug, and and even as an entrepreneur as a kid I was making little catalog, so you can buy these cards here, my designs and <hes> so, but then life hits, and then you have to go out, and you know and do the best you can and <hes> and so at the time. In one, thousand, nine, hundred eight. My mom and my mom had sold that business, she and my stepdad divorced and <hes> they sold their business, and so she was kind of at this place in her life where she was like okay. I'm ready to start over, I need. She was probably my age now, and it was like thinking I need to start over and figure out what life looks like for me. Now and I was saying I just I want to start something something I want to do anything and so my mom had some seed money and. Like I said I would do. You know so. I stayed up all night trying to find just hustling to find hair. Competitors are advertising in this trade magazine. So that's a potential a mailing list for so anything possible. I was willing to do so. Yeah so it was not like I had this pedigree of an MBA, and I'm going. Go start a business, and that's why I say I'm definitely. An accidental entrepreneur, but I've I've loved it. We'll story. It is very very cool. It seems like you had it in your blood like raped in the beginning. Though like it was something that you're meant to do. I, think so. I think without knowing that that's what it was like. I was just cleaning out. One of the things we've done in quarantine is cleaning out our garage and so all my memorabilia. That's where I found my card. Catalogue of here are the things you combine I'm like I always was. Experiencing entrepreneurship right in front of my is growing up but I never really knew it. In fact, my mom was in charge of all of the creative side of the business, and was the one in charge of new products, and out there trying to find out what creative women were doing next, and so when my mom would go on an rnd shopping trip and take all of us with her. We didn't realize what we were doing was watching her shopping trends and seeing what was out in fashion, and how we can bring that into the craft and creative industries, so when it just seemed like something natural, and now I'm trying to identify people go. Where do you find your trend Mic-? Just Watch I. Just look and so yeah. We were Kinda groomed without knowing that that's what was happening. So cool and so. You had your first business you? You began doing that twenty years ago. And then you landed to the happy planner, which has been a huge success and <hes>. It's a it's a beautiful book. It's something that you want to. Hold in your hand, and just like carry with you all the time. It's so cute and fashionable. Where did that idea come from? And how? How did you of get to that point? Where like I want to be in this market of making planners? Happy like honestly we've had a lot of great products that of sold weller mckellen's pretty cool, but the happy planner is like it's so me. It's totally me so the the way we came up with. It was pretty much the same process that we did it with anything. As we and my sister is heavily involved in product about men in our company as well, but we watch in decide okay. scrapbooking was huge for a while, and so we were able to kind of ride that. That wave and we've kept coming out with products and line extensions and <hes>, and then you kind of see that it was kind of starting to taper off. It was not as popular and the products weren't as weren't selling and going doing the having the sell through that they did before, so we're like okay. We need to know what creative women are doing next. which is what my mom did, so we would always be looking for what. What what do i WanNa do what is something that's interesting for me. <hes> and and then also kind of searching pinterest looking around water, creative women doing so for some reason on pinterest people were taking just regular planners from staples, or whatever and they were putting our scrapbooking products, stickers and things and making them cute <hes>, but the scrapbooking don't really fit like they don't fit size-wise. They didn't fit if you're you know the stickers we were. Were to commemorate memories and things, and that's not necessarily the things that you need for planning so I kind of just you know, and they were boring to staples like office supply things. They have black brown different color bays. You know really great. You know what I think. Someone would would think the businessmen would like. And then there was like three designs that were like purple. Paisley or some ugly grandma color. You know I'm a woman, I. I don't want that, so we thought definitely we could do better in design. We could get them more affordable. We could create accessories that would go specifically for them, and then you could put in those accessories like things that are positive so that every single day when you're planning when you're having fun putting stickers out ever, there's this creative positive message that makes you happy that keeps you going, and so it was just a kind of another. Offshoot into what we normally do. What are creative women doing? And at this point? It was like people are busy, and they want to be creative, but they need that little bit of licensed to say it's okay when you're planning your schedule. You can kind of put a sticker downer. Says you can do it or just. Those little positive affirmations make a make a big difference. I love that so much were all about positive affirmations and <hes>. There's something that I still love about having a planner in front of me like an organizational planner. Where where I. Can you know touch the pages and I can mark things off. It's so different than a calendar on Google you know and I've always I've i. still have a planner, so I love that, but I'm curious because you have built such a successful brand and obviously. You've separated yourself in so many ways by having something very unique <hes>. You offer as something that's very I would say year to the millennial woman. But how how have you separated yourself with your branding? I'm just so curious about like where your sales come from utilizing social media, you have a huge social media following. So, how what kind of what was your? What was the method to your madness at that point when you started thinking ahead? Yeah, so at that point. We had we had a very successful company in the craft industry and up? Until that point, we had what I figured successful products. We didn't really have necessarily like brand. Following social media was just coming up, but you know there was something about the happy, and I think my own personal passion for the product helped in planning it. No Pun intended. because. I feel like we got to this place or like this product line. I just feel like we need to be able to have a brand. There's gotta be a message behind because the message of the product is so powerful and so really. What happened I mean there wasn't? A Master Plan I love this product so much. That I just started talking about it and sharing on social media <hes> back in the periscope days. You remember, periscope yeah. Remember. About it and I just said you know what I would anytime we would come up with something, or we had something new exciting happening in office. I'd like I'm just GONNA share. It's just going to be I wanted to our product and the brand to feel like <hes> like we were just friends sharing like. If I was you know to call you up and say Oh, my Gosh I'm so excited. We just got this prototype in, and here's what it looks like. Here's how I'm going to use it and every. Every new products came in. We previewed it on periscope did live Q. and A. is, and and that's before people really doing that and we were sharing the process and the product, and sharing my excitement, geeking out over stickers and a paper planner you know, so. It became I thought there was really no plan other than to share authentically, and that was really before, but you know everything authenticity be authentic was just such a overused catchphrase, but that's what it was because I didn't actually want to be the spokesperson. For our company, and because it's such a team effort, and so I'm not. I'm not maybe maybe I wouldn't had the idea for. Let's let's look into to paper planners, but I didn't create designs, and I not the artist, and I'm not the one who source the product and sold it in such a team so but. In order I felt so passionately that. Don't have relationships with companies. They don't have relationships with products, but they have relationships with people and brands, and if I could be that conduit. To Give A. Personality to our land our company then. I'm like all right. I'm willing to do because I was the one before it was like no, I don't really want to know I'm just I'm fine to not do it, but when I was sharing something, I was so passionate about the following just came. We did not say hey. We want to get to I. Think we're over six hundred thousand on instagram. We didn't have a plan for that. I mean eventually to grow. It takes you get to a certain point. It's like okay now. You have to plan, but we grew our numbers very very organically, <hes> and by just engaging with them. You know true engagement and it's. It's not even just the number in the plan, but it's like. Are you engaged? Do you care about your followers? Do you care about your customers and deal you know? Are you engaging that way? Are you doing it for the rise near following? Are you doing it for the sale? Are you doing? Are you doing it because this? Just feel so right to you know. Yeah while you're on that topic, too. Because <hes> so cool that you grew organically because. I mean it's such an easily marketable product, but also like how how do you stand out amongst your competitors are? There's other planner companies out there. So what's your differentiating factor with your product? So at the beginning? We were the only ones pretty much doing what we did, so we stood out really quick, and it's almost like I. Always say like it was like. Like when I had my first when I said WHO's very well behaved typical. I am such a good mom. And then my daughter came a second, and she is like great, but she's you know totally like wild spirit and I'm like oh my gosh. I need to to work at this little more. So when we did when all of a sudden you're like <hes>. It's growing and you're thinking. Oh, my gosh is great. People are just listening, and then all of a sudden when you're onto something, people and other brands and other companies go. They're onto something I. Think I'm going to try that, too. And then what you were doing so authentically is being duplicated right so. So what we have always done I think and even back in the scrapbooking and paper. Crafting days was just advice. My mom gave me is just really don't worry too much about what other people are doing. Find out what you uniquely do. What is it that your company or your brand <hes> do what do you? How do you stand out and for US <HES>? There's a lot of people who have high end stationary and people. People that are saying a professional and I want it to look like this or I. Don't like this about your as well. This is who we are. We are colorful and fun and were affordable. We have a disc bound system where you can change things in and out, and those are some things honestly and with the brand that will turn people off when you really claim like who you are. Some people are going to say. Well, I. Don't know but I. don't like that well, but this is who we are when you can really find that those are the things that just kind of narrowed down, and you nail it down so much that these are the things that make us unique, and so for us. We embraced all of that. That is who we are fun and colorful, positive and an interchangeable, and all these things about the product and about our messaging. That's what we focused on, and I think even especially going forward when it becomes harder and you. Maybe at this point, we're going like you see a slowing in not just gaining followers as fast when you get up high. And there's more people in the space so for us it's how can we find? What, we, what is it that we offer? That's unique whether it's the message product. And, you kind of have those pillars of our being authentic. Is it something that's different or are we just white noise in the space? Should we be making a change? We be pivoting. Right now do. Is there something we need to be doing to be more aware of the surroundings <hes> of the economy of this of society so <hes>. You're constantly looking for you have to just be aware. Of who you are where you're going and not being paying too much attention to. The competitors and the people aside. It's really hard though it's hard to do because you find yourself looking. They're doing so good over there. Maybe I should change and go that way so knowing who you are is a huge part of that success for us. And, I love how you really made an emphasis on. Being okay with not being a good fit for everyone, and you know we talk about this even on social media. How you know people always give us questions on. You know my Gosh I I lost if I don't post for three days. I'll lose one hundred followers well if those people want on, follow you because you haven't posted three days. They're not your people. Like they were never people anyway, so I love that you have you have a focus and you understand your branch so well. The you know who you're catering to, and also you mentioned pivoting when you need to because. You know I think that people get so focused on the end goal, and if it's not if it doesn't turn out exactly how they anticipated that it would be, they give up right, so I think that's I. Love that so much and it kind of brings me to my next question on. The hardships entrepreneurship because I think that when people look from the outside, they see this beautiful brand that you've built a successful mom who's who's doing it all, but it takes so much work and behind the scenes that the people don't see. Can you walk us through some of those hardships that you faced in how you've kind of gotten through them? Oh yeah and I think. I'm so glad you brought that up because you especially on social media, people will see their, so they'll say. Where were you because I'm pretty active on my own, and then also I with the happy planner, but it like where were you? We Miss John there. I'm like you guys like if I would have shown. What I was doing for the past seven days, it was get up in the morning. Go to work. Stay there till seven o'clock have like meetings altay come home barely figure how I'm going to get the door dash before I wanna fall asleep, and then you know over it over and over again and I'm like it's not glamorous. It's hard <hes>. There's a lot that goes into it. You know <hes> and you have to love it if you are somebody who has your own business or your own brand? You have to love it because it is not I mean I would say. Ninety, eight percent of it's not glamorous, but it's rewarding. You know it's something that you love, but you're GONNA have failures. You can't be afraid to work hard and fail. Because, you're GONNA. Do both of those all the time? And you know and learning from your from your failures for me. It's like you know we've had products that the ones that you've mentioned like happy planner that quadrupled the size of our business in the matter of two years <hes>. But in the in between, and we had already had like a pretty successful company, and we were like well, but what you don't see, are all of the things where you come out with the product and you're like that's a dog. You Know Kate next. What do we? Can we learn from that? You know that's what you can't. You can't shy away from it, but nobody wants to see that nobody, but those are the lessons. Are you know what you're seeing? When when you see the happy planner is our success of you know Gosh over twenty we did that. It was fifteen years. I think into the our business before we hit that like Grand Slam, we'd had several. You know that was. This product was a triple. This one was a strikeout. This one was a base hit. And then you know, we never know we not. Even we're not even. Promise that we were going to have that big of a success that we just kept going and every time we did <hes> we learned something like Oh we didn't do. The packaging wasn't right or you know. Maybe we rent to too early into that trend, or maybe we didn't research it enough or maybe we learned something every time <hes>, but I mean we've had. We've had product failures. We've had <hes> really difficult times in the economy I've been around here through September eleventh through the two thousand eight crash <hes> where the business was doing great, and then all of a sudden we've had were having to like have layoffs and figure out how to make the hard decisions. To keep your business healthy and around and surviving, and that's really hard. I mean that's something that right now we're going through. You know we have. Luckily we've got a great basin. We've had a very successful business, but this is a gut punch, and for a healthy business like ours. This has been really difficult and I can only imagine if you're struggling before this, but you just have to figure out you. It's almost like a business as almost like being a parent. You've got to make those tough decisions. Decisions you know that not everyone's going to understand. That's going to be hard. It's going to keep you up at night. <hes> and those those you don't see those on social media. No one's sharing like we had to really hard today and or have been meetings all day, and if they are, they're showing you the picture of themselves looking really cute, and you know here I am with my thing and it's. It's just not always like that victims hardly ever like that, so I think it's sometimes i. I've shared lots more real version especially on my own personal social media on instagram. Especially because I, think we do a disservice to. Everybody but to women's in general <hes> specifically where it's like if you're trying to be an inspiration and trying to share with other women, this is what if I can, we can all be here for each other. You, know in business, and this is how we can succeed. We are doing a disservice if we are just showing what our lives really never looked like <hes>. And how how then do those? How'd you push through? How do you push through at the worst times for people that are listening that are entrepreneurs have launched their business or not seeing success right away. Like what have you learned to cut has kept you going. I think i. mean this sounds like something that my husband would go. No, if you can't measure it, you can't manage it because he's. My husband was our CFO CEO and. But for me, I, it's so much into an instinct. And then pushed through because I believe in my instinct very strongly. There's a thing like I feel like you know for us. We were very fortunate that the business that we started stayed healthy, and was viable forever, however I. Kind of look at our product launches in our product releases and different product types almost like many businesses, because there comes a time when you know this isn't working, you know there comes a time when you're like. We just need to let this keep going. We need to work at market. We need and you just you kind of. If you're really being honest with yourself, you know when it's like am I pushing too hard for something. That's not really making. Any headway or do I just need to keep working harder and I feel like <hes>. You know if we ask ourselves how we done everything. HAVE WE EXHAUSTED EVERY OPTION? That's what I think. We need to kind of listeners, though because I just feel like if you are sitting here like. With a struggling business, let's say whether it's from the economy or just like I'm just not going anywhere <hes>. It's hard because some people will say just keep going. Just keep going all the time. I don't think you should do that all the time. Sometimes you want maybe need to move onto. Something different doesn't mean you're not going to be. In business or start your own company, or but maybe this, isn't it? Maybe it is? Maybe you're just sitting there going. You know what this is going to be tough times, but I believe in this business i. know we have and we're going to keep going, so you kind of have to listen to that. You know you're got to say. Where are you? Are you? You know? Do I need to keep pushing through this, or is there something else that I need to be? Doing are exploring. It's such a weird time to because with everything going on I. Mean People are obviously doing less news less really to plan but I think there's still an opportunity and it's great that the product isn't just a manner planning out your daily activities that can also be used for intentional set goal setting in just writing down thoughts that you have journaling so I love that it's it's I town that regard <hes>. Have you guys thought of ways to during this tough time? Kind of still sell your product in different ways or maybe thinking about different product lunches. Were you know what kind of has been brewing in the last few weeks, so it's like a perfect example of. Of evolving and pivoting right so like. Yes, when you're when we're looking at people that are planning your days just filled. My days were just like I couldn't even have the whole damn thinking. How tiny can I right because there's so much going on, but you know one of the other things we have in our product, minus positively journaling and guided journals, and then when you you know for us, it would be so tone deaf to be talking. Talking about we know you're busy. Let's just talk about busy busy busy schedule Hustle. Let's go because this is not the time for that, so we had to look at. What do we have in? You know in our offering. And what do we have <hes>? What do we think is important or is there something else we can offer so for us? <hes> you know slowing down journaling 'cause for me. It's all about putting the pen to paper. I Love I love my. Technology and I. On my computer as well, but there's something to me about writing stuff down whether it's my schedule and prioritizing key efficient or whether it's like you know just journaling what I'm grateful for writing that down I did a whole like wellness like year in two thousand eighteen, where every single day for the entire year I journal. Like what am I feeling I thought it was going to be like more. Of a fitness thinks I like. My cholesterol is high, and I needed to lose weight, and I was going to do all these things I'm going to travel the stuff and what it became was. Oh my gosh, I'm realizing that I'm tagging my emotions now like when I would write things down the journaling became the biggest part for me is what I was feeling like I was really I felt very marginalized that meeting today, and I came home, and I think like I was going into hibernation. You know and I was angry and I was, but I was identifying my feelings. Why was I instead of just going like writing down my food log? You know it's like it wasn't helpful for me. I. Know How to eat healthy. But to realize that when I feel angry, I don't know what to do with those feelings and to eat them you know, or and I'm like an eye stuff them and I. Try and do anything in Canton. <hes> and that was like a realization for me, so we're kind of leaning into that and saying hey, right now when you're stressed or you're afraid or whatever it is that you're going through. What can you lean into? And how can you get in touch with your feelings whether it's do journaling or if you really do maybe you're a mom who is trying to work fulltime at home and also. Also home school your kids to the distance learning the. Maybe you need to be really efficient, so you need to you know. What is it that you need and listening to that? Do you need to be productive? Do you need to be kind of moving a little more inward, and then just writing it down and really getting out of your head and onto paper, so you can help process it. Yeah I need to start journaling. That is something that. I know he's for the whole year. Did you notice that it had a huge impact on? It changed the way I thought it totally and I'm the same way because I'm like I'm so famous for starting a journal. And then it's really good for like a couple weeks, and then it's empty, and I keep it and all these like you know journals that have a little bit done in the beginning, and then like I wish I could combine them all. And are they now? It's like so I just said I have never made like a year long commitment to myself I. Will I mean I will do anything for my kids. My husband, my family, my, you know the team of me me and my big ideas, but for me. It'd be like I'm always the first one to get shoved off the list and so I, said I need I was stressed because just like what you were saying. Our business was. Wildly successful that year, and the year before that but I was so stressed out. Because when you quadruple the size of your company, and you're trying to do the same things that you did before scaling it and learning how to do that so quickly is really stressful for a for a creative person who likes to do things like. As I'm inspired. And so. So dealing with that was huge, so all of these things that I saw which were gaining weight having high cholesterol, not sleeping at night, having hiring Zaidi I was thinking, it was because I'm out of shape or this and I didn't really realize accepted the journaling. which that's not what I started to do. That it was more than just that and so this journaling process just gave me. Such clarity and insight into my own feelings that I had no idea and I don't think if I if I just tried to do that at the very beginning for just a little bit I, don't think I would have. Gotten as deep because like doing it every single year someday the destroy today sucked. He knows the worst day ever and I didn't know how to see it through, but then as I got used to journaling just as an exercise every day. I learned to go. You know to just kind of. I guess like look a little deeper. Really. Shed light on stuff that I had no idea I was looking for. I feel like now. I'M GONNA. Go buy one of your journals because I'm so inspired by that by just what you said and I think that I'm someone that just keeps everything in my head and I talked to myself all day every day just. All the things that have to do all the things that should you know that are behind me? That I should have done yesterday it's that's great. I love that with you. You know you don't realize that when you're not like kind of emptying out. It's like for me I was not able to. I was not able to like think of I was kind of creatively blocked, and then I was like even motion. Lee blocked and they just didn't realize because I'm the same. I am an over thinker. I like I process everything and I just I kinda hold onto it and I get very wrapped up in my own head, and so it was just almost like an emptying of it and helps me sleep. Helped me do all that stuff, so my guys. I think you'll love it. Okay. I'm sold. journaling. Borsch, now let's talk a little bit about living intentionally, which is very much related to what we're talking about now, <hes> bite. What does it mean for you to live intentionally? And how can people cultivate a more meaningful life? Because obviously you found your passion, you work really hard at you. Know keeping your mind rate, and it seems like you're a very self, reflective person, but how how have you gotten there? I think. I've always been somebody who really likes. Growing looking inside I ask a Lotta questions of myself and. Other people like I. Try and tell my husband like I'm not really trying to psychoanalyze you. Even I would love to just get into everybody's head, but I think that there's so much we can learn. And one of the things that I have learned just by trying to grow as a person and being teachable. Has Been You. Know there's nobody in the world that is going to take charge of my life, my happiness, the things that I want that me. Matt what happens around me it doesn't you know we can all we can all be complaining about what's happening in the world with your job with your relationship, but when it really comes down to it, you're the one that's responsible for what it is. You want in your life and how happy you are. And so for me, it started with number one. I needed to. Learn how to love myself because I didn't love and accept yourself believe you're worthy of all those things, and then once you believe that those things started kind of coming into my life and a realize it's like you know. That was something that I had to really focus on. I had to work on with myself I am. We're a project, so if you go out there, and you really want a job, or you really want to start a business, or you want a relationship. You have to almost I think. Go for the life that you want with that same passion and I mean for me. It's just been about really starting to identify. What is it that you want? What is it that makes you happy? And how do you need to get that? <hes> I think that's why I'm a planner at heart, because living intentionally as really planning, you're trying to like you have to identify something first and then figure out how you're going to get it right, so it's like for me. Identifying. What makes me happy? What the name of our podcast plan? Happy Life at the Tagline for our company. Or for the for the happy planner, because really feel like you know if if for me, I need to identify what it is, that makes me happy right, and so I'm not somebody who is an Adrenalin Junkie I'm not someone who needs a lot of activity in my life, I need I need serenity a need. Calm I need a place to be creative <hes> I want to go travel I want to be with my family so when I. Start to really identify Granular Li, like what it is, that makes me happy and what I want I can easily say you know okay well. Then I am intentionally going to make the choices that get me closer to those things that I want and. It's really a responsibility. You know it's really taking responsibility for <hes>. For the actions that we take and you know and I think it's empowering I actually feel like instead of going like Oh. My Gosh I'm responsible for all of these things in my life and no one's going to do about me that makes me. I think it just gives it gives me the power back to say you know. Stuff can happen all around me. Crap can just be going on like everywhere and internally I can live intentionally with what makes me happy, which what? And I can be. Responsible for especially this stuff that's going on in my head. You know <hes> so setting intentions of you know whether it's daily whether it's setting an intention for a year or whenever you're feeling like you need a little more clarity into. What am I working for <hes>? I think it's a really powerful thing to do and I know sometimes when things get more popularity. They gained that whole like people in Oh. Yeah, okay. Setting intentions are doing all this, and it sounds a little Wu, and all that and I'm like it, but it really really makes a difference in how we live our lives, and the decisions that we make yeah, and it's all it all goes back to taking accountability, right and totally nine I. always talk about this on the podcast where a lot of people struggle with that I. Think they kind of have this. Poor me, mentality or you know I could never accomplish that I'm not ex- enough. I'm not educated. Enough I'm not. You know fast enough smart enough pretty enough whatever it is, and I just do I. Hope that if pe- when people listen to this episode, they really if they take anything from it. I really hope that they listen to what you just said. Because it's so powerful, that's such a like. I can't I've had a lot of things. People will ask me like well. Of course, it's easy for you to be happy because where you are today, you know and I said, but but here's what you don't understand is that? The reason I'm happy is not because I have all the things that I have the reason I have all the things that I have is because a happy positive person who believes that I have. that. What happens in my life is a result of you know of the way that I go about it and what I believe I deserve and how and then I can have those things I'm happy. And I'm positive period. Doesn't necessarily. Happy happy I just mean like I'm going to be content and positive and optimistic in my life. No matter what is going on and I have lived through a lot of things I've had like I said I shared with you. Guys had some traumatic things in my childhood that have happened I was <hes> had a child eighteen I had a lot of money issues. I'm growing up. I was in an abusive relationship with physically and mentally, and there's a have been drug abuse them I mean lots of things that I've had to deal with and. I could very easily any of those instances been. Why did this happen to me? I could never start a business because I don't have a college education and they don't have any money, and they don't have this and you know. What will people think of me and you know a? Growing and believing that you can do something, no matter what like having that resilience and having that. Like I'm just going to figure it out like I said I. It pretty much anything now I'm probably going to be more of a of a jack-of-all-trades master of none <hes>, but that's okay. That's who I am, and that's really has gotten me where I'm at, but <hes> yeah. I just I think if anything I totally agree with you. If I share anything, it would be that no matter what your circumstances are in life. I think optimism and. And believing that no matter what happens to you, you will get through this, and you make something of yourself, and you can get the things that you want in life <hes>. If you know if you're working, you work hard. You have to be willing to work hard. You have to be teachable if to learn to be confident, but all those things are things you can control. And it doesn't really matter what your circumstances are. So that would be something I mean. Yes. I love the product. Yes, I love our brand. Yes, I love all these other things, but that's just something that I think everyone can take with them throughout their lives. Such great life advice, and it's so true I feel like there's been looking back and reflecting on my own experiences to and the hardships that you know everyone has different forms of adversity, but how you respond and react to that is I think all the difference and I think it was a murray furlough that said everything is figure out. That just. When you said that because it's true like if you have that drive and that hustle enough to do what it is that you WanNa, do you can figure that all out and I think Alex also reiterated several times. There's this concept of just start now. Figure everything else out along the way as you go. Otherwise, you're never gonNA start. You're never going to achieve those goals <hes>, but in terms of goal, setting and just organizational tips. I mean I feel like the ideal buyer of the happy planner is a very organized individual, or maybe they're aspiring to be more organized. So what are some good organizational tips just in general that people can start practicing and then apply to the happy planner. And I am not a naturally organized person. At like what you see back there on this video that we're recording over is not what it normally looks like I'm a creative person so I'm very like. Just kind of scattered and I will follow an idea like if I have an idea, I'm like I'm down that rabbit hole and. There's a chaos and mastic usually follows so being organized and using happy planner and using organizational tools is actually been essential for me to be like a productive society member of society or running a business, so <hes> one of my favorite tools and I think we kind of alluded to this a little earlier was getting things out of your head in getting him down I use a master <hes>. What I call him Master Action Item List, so it doesn't matter if like you are thinking of I've gotTa. GotTa do cupcakes the Kids School I've got empty. The dishwasher I have a huge project that I'm working on. That's do every little thing. Take space up in your head and <hes>. It doesn't really you know you're not really. They all have the same weight, so you're thinking constantly of the Dishwasher, the cupcakes and all of these things and you don't have the space to really think about <hes>. Give yourself like. Hey, now. I'm really focusing on the project because there's so much stuff spinning in your head. And, so I think David Allen I think is his name <hes> he said you're. You're headed for having ideas, not storing them so like for me. It's like Oh, my gosh, that is so perfect so I take and had this one massive list actually I have to, but it's ones home in one's work, but usually for most people one will do and. If everything that comes out of my head is something that I have to do if it's an action item. I put it on my list <hes> and then I work from that list. Would plan my weeks when I plan my days, so I look at Monday and I think okay. I've got five meetings not lot. Stuff's going to be coming off that to do list, but on Tuesday I have one meeting in the morning and I had the whole day that I. have so I'll go off of my master list and then start working from there. I'M NOT GONNA forget my tasks that way. It's not going to be like oh shoot cupcake sting it. You have your your things that have due dates and everything so when I'm working from it I don't have fifteen sticky notes everywhere and a piece of paper that I wrote over there. That I got lost cause. I left it in my car and you're constantly then figuring out. How do I remember where it was that thing so keeping everything kind of in one place has been a big tip for me. <hes> the second organizational tip that I use I plan every Sunday I plan my week out every Sunday so <hes> or whatever the day before the start of week.' In for me. Mondays the start, so I sit down I. Take a look at what are all of the to the must do's appointments. The the deadlines that have to happen that week and get all those things in there and I. I plan everything out from date night with my husband every week. <hes> we're putting that in their first wins the time that I need one of my GonNa. Go exercise. When am I going to those put in appointments, and then I start to fill in again with things from that master to do. If I don't do that, then you know, there's things that come up and they're just time. Thief's and they come in to take in all of a sudden. You look and you've spent. Monday and you're thinking I've done nothing you know. It could be a week and you're going like shoot. There's nothing off my list. <hes>, conversely you can take a look at that, and if you've been really productive, there've been times. I had no idea I could get that much done. So those are two tips for me to stay on and just to contend me. Being organized means being productive, because if I'm not productive, my stuff's all over the place. I get very easily overwhelmed, and that is not a good place for me to be. I was GONNA ask as well with with your master. Master list you add everything from like emptying the dishwasher doing laundry like every task so usually I have like if those are ongoing I will have just started doing this, which helped a lot, but all I kind of assign like if something that occurs every week for me I have a list. That's basically recurring tasks, so if you're if it's a cleaning thing, it's like an you know you've got changes sheets. You know the bathrooms or whatever I've got empty Roomba. because. Just, all those little things that are like take the trash out. Those are of things that I put off to the side which are more recurring tasks. And then when I sit down. Unday, I think you know empty room by the today's the in the evenings and do my meal planning here and those things happen all the time. The the Master List for me is you know the things that are their projects or their <hes> like like for me for my work one. It's like every time like I need to talk to him about this <hes>. Call up this person and make sure I return this thing and check out on. All of the let's marketing meetings scheduled out. Make sure to reach out and so then I can cross them off. On Cross them off. And then when they're done, they're done, and of course you know once it gets to about halfway marked off at create a new list because it's prettier. And I like doing that, but yeah, the reoccurred things I keep separately. Of It, so we're GONNA. Get this all in. Your home about really what you're saying is it comes down to time management skills right, and yes, you know like you said there are some days ago by and I'm like. How did I just spent two hours scrolling through instagram? Checking emails bearing bearing myself in emails that really don't I don't need to get back to these people right away and you self reflect and go like that I see I'm busy, but to hours of that time was wasted. Time management is huge, and that was another thing that I uncovered in my memorabilia box that said <hes> think I was in like fourth grade and the teacher says like Stephanie needs to learn time management. Because it is true, because I do the same thing and I feel like there's so many times when people say I just don't have enough time and I'm thinking i. just spent four hours binge-watching. Whatever I. We. Do have the time and that's okay. If you're going, you know what I'm going to. It's going to be a binge party like I am going to be watching and <hes>. It's fine but I think we need to be aware like you don't WanNa miss out on the things that you either want to be doing our need to be doing because you're not managing your time well and like I said it's a constant struggle. This is going to be something that I'm GonNa be. Be doing for my whole life. Because you know because I'm just not naturally inclined to be that way even, but it's a habit you know, and it's easier for me now, but managing your time well and scheduling it out is <hes> is a habit that we form you know, and it's just like it just becomes easier <hes> and then yeah, you find him. There's nothing to me like when I look at a list I'm like. Oh, my gosh look! How productive I was this week! That is such a good feeling when you even when you finish the day, and you're like man I was on point today like I knocked this off the list and I. Did this and you just feel good? There's just this feeling it brings. There's something about they say like an actual like I don't know what gets release, dopamine, or whatever that when you cross things off your list. That, yes, go. It is what? What are some other resources that you? You've enjoyed yourself or that? You would recommend to listeners in terms of time, management or building, good habits, organizational <unk>, tools and practices. I think that like to meet. Okay decluttering. Making sure that you like you don't have because again. The more clutter at the worst and I know they say you know a messy desk or whatever they say, but the MESSI dozen. Beans or whatever and it is, but it's probably one who's just driving themselves crazy 'cause they can't find anything so developing somewhat of. Of A protocol for how you're GONNA. Plan your weeks and then also. One of the things I don't know if it's not really a resource, but it's something that I learned that. I kind of tend to first thing in the morning. I want to like answer all like you're saying I. Want to answer all my emails, and then of course I go down. Somebody's asking you know unsubscribe to all these things now and then I started subscribing, and then I go down, and so somebody told me to block off your days and at the beginning. Do the most important thing for you that you need to. To get done in the morning or whenever it is that you work I work best in the morning and freshest van, and then about three o'clock, I'm looking for anything else. I'm looking for something to snack on or any distraction and <hes> it, but some people are not also if you're like going, this is when I do my best work. Then make sure you can identify those times because you're gonNA. Find that you have. You're going to get more done. You'RE GONNA feel more efficient more. More productive and I think that's going to help I. Definitely, figure think that if you can figure out how technology and productivity work for you. I am kind of a hybrid between outlook and all of the technology that we can't. We have that really does keep us I've got <hes> when I have meetings. All my stuff is stored. I, don't WanNa. Right down the zoom. Call Identification Number and the password, and all these things you know, that's all stored in my outlook and I have a really good relationship between paper planning and my tech, you know. And then but I have a process every time I have like a nice system. <hes> I think I think that works I've been I've used a lot of productivity tools into honest with you. Nothing's really kept me more productive than just keeping it simple and planning things out and getting stuff done I mean it. It starts off great, but then it's just something else for me to. Keep track of so having something just right in my face whether it's my outlook, calendar or <hes> or my paper planner I just like I, said I've tried I've tried them all I've tried. And I know they were really well for some people, but for me it's just all about keeping it really simple and just getting stuff done. Yeah, and you know what I love the realness because we get questions, sometimes of like. How do you have a business and you work fulltime in your mind like? How do you do all the things? And I always kind of self reflect in its and I always think you know. You make time for what's important to you. That's the bottom line. We all have twenty four hours a day. I think that that hustle mentality isn't always helpful and isn't always positive, but at the same time if you have something that you want to accomplish. You just have to do it. You have to figure it out and do it. That's the bottom line. So Yeah? I love what you said on that. You know what I'd like to ask you Stephanie. If there's some sort of book or podcast or resource that you'd recommend for our followers, I don't know if you have any in mind that something that is is really impacted you in some way. Yes, so two different two different things so a book that basically just changed my life completely were was the gifts of imperfection by Bernard Brown. And it was one of those things where I just realized I don't have to be perfect I'm worthy of just the way I am, and that just really kind of just her whole. I love her so much that book. When I started to believe those things about myself, things change. They think changed in my life. They changed in my business <hes>. That's why I think that no matter what you're looking at doing that. Inner work is I. Don't don't try and like. Get the promotion or getting the relationship, because you think that's GonNa make you more successful or happier, or whatever, because if you're not okay with that first step I it's all going to be empty. You know you're going to get the promotion, but it's not gonNA. Feel as great as you thought it was. Because you're. There's there's that whole in there that you're trying to fill so. That personally was amazing for me and then <hes> I love how I built this by Cairo's and. The podcast and for business. That's something that I listened to and I just. If, you're ever wanting to start a business and you think well I don't fit the typical either entrepreneur or business owner, or whatever I don't fit that mold listen to those stories there from every walk of life and every kind of story. It's so empowering to listen to them, but it's also really interesting to see how some of those people dealt with <hes>, you know the setbacks, and how they how they innovated, and how they funded their businesses, and it's really interesting, and so, and they've covered just about like every aspect of business so I love those, too. Such third-rate episode actually heard how I built. This I've never listened to it, but I've heard it is great good, so that'll be one that'll that'll be added to my podcast list. podcasts our life right now in quarantine. Basically do anything and just have headphones on and listen to podcasts. For sure so good. Well this has been great. We are so happy that we have had the chance to chat with you and an answer all of our questions. Where can people find you on on social media? And where can they purchase happy planner? So they can find a me personally and INSTAGRAM's. Where is my John? That's what I love the most. People over it Instagram, so you can find me at Stephanie Score, Fleming. And then you can find the happy planner, which on Instagram, as the underscore happy, underscore planner or the happy planet Dot Com. I also have a podcast called planet. Happy Life that host with my daughter, <hes>, sharing tips about how you can choose to be happier and planned to be happier and. And we love that, so that is planned a happy life. You can find that. At Planet Happy Life Dot Com so and then the happy planner you can buy at craft stores all over Michael's Joanne. Hobby Lobby Walmart and that'd be planner DOT COM, so we're all over. Love it. It's awesome. That is so great. We will link everything in the show notes, and it has been such a pleasure Stephanie you offer so much wisdom. As it relates to not only business but life so thank you for sitting down with us today. Thank you appreciate it. It's been fun talking to you.

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