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Excellence of of what humanity should try to be in and we have to Uphold that image at all times and trump was. You know doesn't clearly. I mean to the extent united actually upholds at image which would question. Donald trump is clearly not it. Yeah he He openly disavowed. American exceptionalism mental. Pull people noticed actually on the campaign trail but He said he didn't like the term and he consistently presented the united states as in a competitive environment in the world where the united states had no special moral claim To stand over the world. Now he continued to want the united states to dominate others. So i don't think kids rejection of exceptionalism lead to a better place at all but nevertheless did not go for this traditional view of the indispensable nation. And i think that drove people wild and that's the big quote were related to that. I'm gonna mangle it a little bit but you know the we're killers to putin's a killer a lot of killers get a lotta killers. While you think our country so innocent and liberal media stanford they went apoplectic over that. Because basically i think the trump administration in general is just he literally an every element of his policy. made subtext in his in his in his speeches and in his literal. You know justifications for what the actual effects of these things were just used to justify them in a way that no one had ever done before But you know thank god Biden was elected. We could all be this. I of relief we could. We could return to brunch as a famous saying goes. so why. don't we actually turn to our reading series. And i'll turn it over to my co host derek davidson to expound upon this wonderful essay that appeared in foreign policy magazine Last week yet. No it's a classic and just to give some brief context decec- was written by daniel dugny and our door ni And john i can berry. Who are basically and steven. You correct me if i'm wrong. Sort of the dawn of the of what might be termed a liberal approach to international relations essentially argues that multilateral capitalism multilateral exchange through essentially western dominated north north atlantic dominated international institutions are the key pieces or anything to add to that. I can berries at princeton endured. Needs somewhere also really good. I forget world. Look it up but Stephen is at an accurate portrayal of what he's at hopkins donate. Is that an accurate portrayal. Yeah i can vary also wrote a book that came out recently and you can see that. He is tried to fit the history and the biden administration into the framework of that book as a lot of scholars. Do but that's part of the problem with this piece. So okay this. This piece is the intellectual foundations of the biden revolution. That's sure spend six months. But and he has really done anything. Revolutionary but seventeen nineteen point nine. Five two thousand twenty one. I don't necessarily want you guys to comment on this first paragraph. But i do want to read it because i think for people who haven't seen the article it will Draw picture The unexpected four years of the donald trump presidency took us foreign and domestic policies and troubling directions frontally rejecting pillars of what he took to the biparti partisan establishments foreign policy trump set the united states on a boldly different path. He rejected long standing alliance commitments. Calling into question. Nato and the security pacts with japan and south korea he attacked star international institutions withdrew the united states from numerous arms control and free trade agreements. Even going so far as pulling out of the world health organization in the middle of pandemic. He embraced climate nihilism and withdrew from the paris climate accord. He was hostile to the promotion of democracy and human rights. He aggressively alienated allies. While cozying up to a rogues gallery of despots autocrats and populists. God imagine. And i i just want to underline very quickly the sort of democracy promotion stuff like obviously we all know. It's bullshit with regards to iraq but in terms of history this political scientists lindsey or rock in. Her book has revealed that the us tried to covertly overthrow regimes. Sixty six times. And i believe in forty. Four of those cases explicitly supported authoritarian or anti-democratic forces. So that's the type of democracy promotion that we're referring to here. So this is i mean this paragraph gotta make clear what we're talking about is is donald. Trump is a fundamentally different kind of president who broke american foreign policy. Although you know here we are six months into the by administration. Seems like we've pretty much either continued deliberately or fixed all this trump trump. Did you know kind of reverse them. but you know they. They go on to sort of lament the fact that There's no roosevelt deion school of foreign policy. You know there's there's schools for named after alexander. hamilton and thomas jefferson andrew jackson. John quincy adams. John quincy adams. And then there's a bunch of 'isms of course you got you have neo. Conservatism realism isolationism liberal international's etc which seems indistinguishable from what these guys are talking about. But okay but there's no rooseveltism and this is this is bad and i guess so my first question to the two of you is What is roosevelt. And i think we should start with what they kind of lay out here. You know we go into the peace and they right. At one point that roosevelt is a colossus in us history is a truism over the course of his unprecedented twelve years in office he accomplished a revolutionary recasting of the united states domestic order and place in the world and then you know sort of goes through his record internationally. The united states went from being a regional power to a global military superpower leader of a multi continental wartime alliance more than anyone else roosevelt laid the foundations for pax americana and inaugurated what became known as the inter american century. Here's the key part. The roosevelt's revolution was decisive in development of modern liberalism but it builds on it's an international but it built on its predecessors such as theodore roosevelt's new nationalism and wilson's new freedom and was in turn built upon by successors including hairiest truman's fair deal. John f can new frontier and linden. Johnson's great society. It was this this political project which biden has returned that brought the united states to its peak of greatness. So i'm as i'm trying to figure out what. Sdr rooseveltism is This is the first statement of it and it sounded. The the the first thing i thought of was You know when they asked the now dearly departed donald rumsfeld where the wmd were and he said well..

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