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Moving downtown it looks like hundreds that back is considerably smaller Randy would you say that most people are gone our way how would you say the crowd is now we are continuing to move down Sixth Avenue a little farther away from the crowd but if we look down here you can see some of the police lights where I am standing the nineteenth street I am standing this area is a little bit more dispersed with this is how we moved down and hundreds of people well over one hundred maybe closer to two hundred people out here demonstrating tonight yeah you can see in the distance a police presence is there it's hard to see to what extent we see a large crowd there looks appears to be moving away from the area already Hildreth in the middle of all this moving away maybe you were not injured hopefully tell us more about a rock or something was thrown at you guys yeah we we are okay as we were moving down the street I was behind us I've been talking for Josh Newman and I saw someone come from behind with a metal object and swing towards the camera and knock off our top like thankfully just to speak to the tone of tonight you do have people obviously the incident happened but some of the demonstrators watch our pieces of equipment back to us and asked us if we were okay and reminding us and asking them to stay safe tonight again it is just watching you were getting a look at what is happening in downtown Birmingham or want to tell you that this is a live you're seeing it as we are seeing it there may be offensive language in this crowd we apologize for that but we want to let you know what is happening in the Birmingham area in downtown Birmingham right at this minute you're seeing it happen unfolding life we understand.

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