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To give a convicted felon a forum just tell stories and lie about the president of the United States. So they can all start their impeachment process. Mr Chairman, we are better than this. We are better than this. I. That is really good. Jim Jordan from Ohio making the opening remarks in the hearing of Michael Cohen testimony didn't know that they weren't able to ask anything else outside the purview of the things. They wanted them to ask about. So this is terrible. This is the consequences of the Republicans losing the house because you know, now now with that with that majority comes to the power of these hearings, and they're going to do this. Lanny Davis is right behind him. By the way, our listeners beat Jim Jordan to that revelation about Lanny Davis. So that we didn't know, but you know, we're keeping a close eye on all of this to extra says corn is simply trying to save his own and short jail time. Here we go with the democrat party. Here we go is right here, we go liars in the know math green new deal Kelley should enjoy it. Yes. Congressman Kelly entre work, I on when he testifies today. He was on yesterday with that Jay from the program, but that'll be certainly a highlight go back up to the arguing. Again. We respect your right to be here. We also asked intern for your respect as we proceed with the business of the committee today, it is the function of the committee should proceed without any disruptions. Any disruptions of this committee will result. If anybody's watching this Kelley Armstrong as he faced the as you face, the the hearings. You know, the diets I guess or whatever he is right right to the left in the front. Second one in on the front. So the camera shot has on quite often. It looks like they were arguing a little bit again. But anyway, okay. So where was I on that on that text? The. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Find my texts Kelly will enjoy it. I guess that's what I meant. Yeah. So we're gonna watch that for you today. Texter says. What the prosecutor said about Cohen that you just read to us for that too. Representative armstrong. Okay. All right says, Dan and Dickinson. We'll do. I just read some quotes. That was epic. Absolutely. Oh my gosh. Texter says, please ask Ryan why we have to pay twenty dollars to e file North Dakota. When federal is free. All right question. For Ryan Washburn who'll join us a little later on. Texter says Cohen is not just a liar. He's a liar under oath. Why should anyone believe a word? He says he's not nicknamed the rat for nothing. Well, that's why Jordan segments Stephen was. So so brilliant. He was just convicted of lying before congress. Oh, let's get them. Right. Back up again. Yeah. You can't say, well, he's under oath. So therefore, you know, we can believe this because he was under oath before. On. Both to actually says did you see the new poll on the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum? I did I haven't dug into it in great detail. Maybe we'll try and schedule a guest on it. I guess sixty four percent of North Dakota's support, establishing the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum. Seventy one percent agreed the library would be a positive impact state's national reputation. What else is on here? Sixty nine percent in Fargo and Grand Forks, seventy one percent in my not in Bismark seventy percent, including seventy percent in Fargo in the Bismarck, believe the library would increase tourism prospects. Sixty nine percent believe there's no better place to build a library in the North Dakota. Eighty-one percent agreeing agree increasing tourism should be a priority for the North Dakota legislature. Right. They took that. Recently here. We will try and find out more about his January four hundred phone respondents across North Dakota in January. It was. Okay. All right. So the numbers they are impressive. And we will. Effort an opportunity within that. Of course is an issue in the election from the standpoint of funding because the governor governor Burgum has proposed that the state participate to the tune of fifty million dollars from the from the. Legacy fund. Because this would be a legacy long-term infrastructure project. And the fifty million dollars would only come out of the legacy fund if another one hundred million dollars was raised to two to one match. So that's the argument that the governor makes on that one. Texas's says I believe President Trump will our president is overseas. Doing what numerous president before him would not do President Trump is working to keep the US in the world safe Democrats reporting that rat Cohen in front of cameras to make our President Trump look. So disgusting so disgusting to make our.

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