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I'm Allison Keys in the CBS News Washington Bureau. We begin with the latest on covert 19 as more than 167,000 people have died in the U. S. And California is now the first day to track over 600,000 cases. CBS has done you back us with the latest just two days into the school year. 14 students at Sea Wind Elementary school in Florida are in quarantine because a student had Corona virus symptom. We couldn't prepare for this situation like the superintendents of the other day, there's no playbook on this. In Georgia, nearly 300 students and teachers at Woodstock High School had to quarantine forcing the county to stop in person learning. It's unfortunate for the kids. After a student at a different Georgia High school was suspended for posting a photo of a crowded school hallway. A Georgia state representative set up a whistle blower email for students and staff to report complaints. This is an effort to make sure that if and when Georgia schools to go back to face to face instruction that we'd do some safely The Trump Administration continues to encourage schools to resume in person classes as soon as possible. But Georgia and Florida are among the 34 states in Puerto Rico, where the person of positive Corona virus test is higher than the recommended level for reopening. I say you want to open your schools Get out of the red. Do what you need to do. Close the bars where your masked Los Angeles continues to be a hot spot. The county reported nearly 2000 new cases on Thursday. Health officials say they are investigating large outbreaks at workplaces, including ups and so.

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