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Worry in this imaginary scenario. You definitely know how to do that. We're going back to 2003 when the Dixie Chicks now called the Chicks dominated the airwaves. It takes shape place, but what it holds At the time. The Dixie Chicks were on their top of the World tour and the kind of were on top of the world. But it took just one show to change all that it was days before the Iraq war began. They were doing a show in London in England, and Natalie Maines, the singer of the Chicks made a pretty politically charged comment on stage, saying she was Against the war and ashamed of George W. Bush, the US president. At the time. Since that moment, the chicks have been the living definition of sticking to your guns because for the last 17 years they've been boycotted, harassed, experienced tons of public scrutiny. They've also been one of the best selling female groups of all time, and they've influenced women, musicians, country musicians all over the world. The chicks have just released their first album in 14 years. Called gas lighter. And I'm happy to say that you're about to hear Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer from the Chicks. Marty, I'll start with you. Why the decision at this moment to drop Dixie from the name We've been wanting to drop Dixie for a while. It's just been feeling a little bit uncomfortable, just knowing with that word in the States countries up for people and that maybe it's hurtful to a group of people. That was an intentional when we picked the name. We were Children, basically, teenagers and we were the Dixie chickens and then shortened it to chicks and got a lot of flak about being chicks. But it was it was definitely time. Drop the Dixie Let me talk a little bit about the history of the band here, So I'm really excited to talk to you today. So back in 89 when the band first started really kind of moving as you mentioned six chickens became the Dixie Chicks playing a lot of bluegrass music. Emily. What was the goal with the music? At that point, I will. 89 a bakery Natalie. So at the time, the goals for the band were number one to get off the street corner and get a gig. Get a Business card. You know, little baby steps at that point, we're just happy to be playing and making money doing it. Marty got to quit college and what's now they joined the band. We felt like the sky was the limit, you know. Because of her away there. What year did you guys not have to have, like another job? Like what? What year? Was it your full time gig? I never well, I had like a teenager, but I never really had a job. So 16 Tio, 21 we're making enough money. By the time I was like, 21 that I could live on my own And like, how was it for bluegrass back then? Because I think that like even now, bluegrass is not great. In terms of women in the music, you know, like there's a lot being made of the fact that Kristin Scott Benson is up for banjo Player of the Year. The IBM may this year and, like years and years ago Alison Brown wanted, but she's the only woman to everyone. Banjo Player of the year. You know, Molly total, just one for guitar player of the year about like, two years ago. Like, Well, you know, what was it like being an all women bluegrass band back then. Like we weren't making the progress circuit. We weren't going to the Ivy. Emma's. Maybe we went one year, but a soon as we got drums in the band, which was pretty We were ousted from being truly bluegrass by the purest, So no, I think we had our mindset a little bit more on Nashville and country music and Natalie When you joined the band Did you automatically see Oh my God, There's there's a potential here to be the biggest band in the entire world. Really, like. Did you see it? As did you see it as I said, This is a tremendous potential at least. Yes. I mean, that's what made me join the band because I was not a country music listener definitely didn't know like Western music are much bluegrass. But I was very impressed with their talent and knew that that was special to have emails. That, uh, played their instruments as good as any guy out there. And so I thought, Okay, the three of us. I didn't think it could be something with Natalie just wanted to get out of that test. The next day. I had economics test in college the next day that I once I joined the band. I didn't have to study for that work. How convenient. You didn't have to. You don't have to worry about this. All this is all but a great Gru's to avoid any kind of Ah, scholarship. Marty. When did you know that things were? When did you have a moment of being able to go like? Oh, my God. This actually worked out. You know, people have told me it was like a moment when people come out. You know, this song comes on the radio or they drive past a billboard in their faces around. Did you have a moment where you said, Oh, my God. This thing has gotten sort of bigger than we could've ever imagined. The first day. I can love you better. The first single released on wide open spaces being on the radio driving around Dallas and hearing ourselves. I think that was Sounds cliche, but that was the moment where I thought I want to play a song. Take a listen to this..

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