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I'm Rebecca Missouri's next report at ten fifty one on ten ten wins. News time ten forty to the FBI cautions. That more pipebombs are possible as they try to track down whoever was responsible correspondent, Pamela Brown. Investigators now believe that at least some of the devices, he suspicious packages, at least some of the ten originated in Florida. Now, we know some of the packages were there at Debbie Wasserman Schultz office, she was returned to sender address there. But now with authorities believe that at least some of these packages originated in Florida. So that is where part of this investigation is focused. We learned about several additional devices today and urgent nationwide manhunt for the person or persons behind now ten explosive devices sent to critics of President Trump the most recent to address to former vice president Joe Biden and a third meant for the Tribeca offices of actor Robert deniro police Commissioner James O'Neill says they don't know if there are more on the way treating them as as as live devices as you see the way our bump squad. Detectives went into CNN yesterday. This has to be taken with the utmost seriousness, so far as a hoax device, we're not treating it that way all ten of the devices are now at the FBI lab in Quantico Virginia, former FBI special agent Brad Garret says the components of each device will tell investigators a lot about the maker. It'll tell you a lot about what level of sophistication which I don't think we're dealing with that that these investigators believe that some of those devices went through a sorting facility in south Florida, algae Jones ten ten wins. News wins news time, ten forty four. This.

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