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Looks like maybe just eyeballing it maybe eighty five percent were RDP. That down as a percentage can as eight. This makes is That big a problem. Yes, it is yes holy. and. These guys provide the raw data to back that up and it's windows RDP right? It's Microsoft Windows is a yes. Windows is one hundred percent RDP. and. So so email phishing did come up as a percentage which pushed the percentage of our DP down but it's holding it's own, and then of course, what happened in the Dow in Twenty Twenty and twenty? Well in the first and second quarters of two thousand twenty is due to that that Cova D- And the the the dramatic increase of hastily brought up RDP services in order to allow remote access s that began you know that essentially began fighting with with email phishing as an entry point. So those are the two but. Email phishing never even reached parody with RTP. It's it's it's gone up and down, but RDP is holding its own which I think is one of the one of the things that I it's GonNa spend some time talking about here in their report emphasis soft explained what's happened this year they said in recent months, organizations across every sector have come to rely heavily on remote desktop protocol to maintain business continuity while respecting social distancing and back up a little bit Leo, just to address your your your your comment remember that. There have been a series of really bad. Authentication problems with RTP. Don't they use VPN's and other solutions WHO's using? E. That's there are eighty, eight, hundred, thousand, eight, zero, thousand exposed RTP services on the Internet. It is absolutely crazy but they're just assuming that you know Oh. Yeah you know it must be secure because Microsoft says we can turn it on well. Microsoft said that once about Windows Printer and file sharing Cemil how that mean Barracuda in their ad says ninety one percent of all. ransomware attacks comes through a phishing email spear phishing emails, and everyone I heard about is a spear phishing email I can't imagine canon or carnival or any of these people's using RDP. That's crazy. In. In terms of number I'm sure it's the smaller guys that are deploying that technology that they need to. Anyway so so MC soft said however the rapid shift to remote. To remote working has also provided a unique opportunity.

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