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Murder, Indiana, Prosecutor discussed on The Lars Larson Show


Some ways has to offer that we're being a smallminded petty and probably implicitly right guess what what strikes me is josh you remember that when when we were kids forty fifty on forty five fifty years ago uh we had a lot more freedom to walk around to to do things and today societies extraordinarily concern about the possibilities of crime especially guns the vulnerable than it's ever been before perhaps because of media because arguably the crime rates are actually lower than they worth thirty years ago and yet even all they they are than thirty years ago they probably aren't of flow as they were when you and i were okay fair enough but when when society is that concerned about criminal activity because it gets a lot of attention but then take some of the criminals and tries to make it sound as though well this really was big in jail as really what what y lee recasting um a a an antisocial you know really vile criminal i mean the the murder of a small child who is who is dependent on this person to be their parent of their protector is frankly an unforgivable crime i mean uh you know maybe maybe she surged enough time i don't know the state of indiana's decided that but the idea that that you should not looking at at their background or as you say how how does she had a she account for it i mean most of us in life no someone who's done something stupid to the point of being criminals right and we and we do we have all kinds of mechanisms for allowing people second chances hand third chances and i'm quite an with that prosecutor and um you know my job is not necessarily to put people in prison but to try to hold them accountable but this is all to level but his wife that you the story i was well i think the new york times has done a disservice and so has the school josh i gotta run josh marquet district attorney in clouds of.

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