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To be the played nick played at the shawn watson made on the goal line when he scrambling and just flicked it for the touchdown pass those their instinctive positions uh instinctive plays that are hard to find an in a quarterback i if i were the bears i would have taken watson easily i think bisky still need to write off it's just gonna be the right system around them for him to be effective and then you've got a home that he can grow within that system i mean if they fire john fox this year they change offences systems that's gonna be another year behind and i think he's gonna have to rely on his skill an athlete more than a quarterback uh mike lombardi here on cbs sports radio mike packers coming off the by obviously the aaron rodgers thing is is awful for that organization and makes that division sort of really interesting in and you know as upping there's you can be at this stage an of an nfl season do you think only can be the guy in and how much time when you're in that position if you're in that front office do you give a young guy you didn't expect to have to carrier team this year how many weeks before you go and you see if there's somebody on the street that's available while oberg remember going to help him bricks gonna help mortar bread and i'm not sure hungary's going to help will not mark but right now you're in a situation where you're even vet who careers and others foyer you've got to utilize will now would arkady to do wires art what he does well and take set and apply it he's not going to be aaron rodgers he's not going to be able to make lose plays you you're going to change what you do systematically to to highlight what humbly can do now he's gonna be inaccurate with the football he's not going to be as good in two minutes real he's not gonna be good and a lot of areas you're gonna have to lean on alan jones to do more i think up lean on different formations you're gonna have to change it up and you're gonna have to get him into a groove a little bit and then hope he could make a few place down the stretch and hope.

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