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You know you get. Everybody knows the community what skip. Bayless has done or tried to do for the black community, but JOE biggest contribution of. Allowing Sharron sharp to have this platform? To be able to speak. You. Appreciate that this show does not shy away from having these conversations and we're going to continue to have because it feels like what needs to happen. We need to talk about what's at hand. We need to learn need to grow and that is. What's been most eye opening. Welcome back to undisputed so guys over the weekend video came out of Jr Smith beating up a man who was vandalizing his car now this took place over the weekend as I mentioned protests occurring in La. This apparently around the Fairfax Area Shannon. Do you agree with the way Jr responded? Like I said before as I've gotten older. Material things molested me. Had I been in my twenties because my grandmother would say something, we worked so hard for things. Let's try to take care of it, and here I am I worked my life. This is my life work and you care list and I'm already thinking okay. You already privilege you already in the majority, you already look down on me and you think you can come in my neighborhood and walk in vandalize my car skill. I probably would've had the same reaction as JR had. But as I've gotten older I realized there are things that are more important than possession artifacts, and you're not like raw. Is that really necessary? Why would you do that but I think Jr was thinking. Here's some. Privilege. entitled. Y Kid coming in my neighborhood thinking, but he can get away with this in the in the be entitled the leaders that we like on wait a minute rough. You already got an advantage. Why you want WanNa? Come here and destroy my things. What what is your question? What are you angry about? So he they'll. Probably jail were holding. What are you angry about? Jr like Tabora. I'm not going to have. To be honest. I wouldn't have handed the like that because. Let me tell you why. Count what you see. These protests guys get into a frenzy. And then just everything in his way is just destroyed and I probably would have lost it. He ended up hurting him so no I wouldn't have taken it there. But Jr in that moment you look you somebody taking something breaking windows. Stop it on your car. That's a natural reaction, but if I've got noticed. I've got a little better control controlling my emotions, knowing that it could lead to bad for him and me. Although when I I watched this video, I thought of you Shannon Sharpe and I thought my man Shannon. He might have lost it to. He might have been after that kid. I would like to believe you would have stopped halfway and said wait a second I can't risk this. It's not worth it to me, but I think you would have had the same emotional, maybe overreaction, but reasonable reaction to me. Chase.

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