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Product design hat for a minute and pretend you're just in everyday camera customer. Who's looking for the best looking new bag out there. Do you think that amazon has an advantage. Compared to the brick and mortars because of this phenomenon is harder for someone to see the quality on on an online listing than it is in a brick and mortar. without question. it's harder. There is a totally agree with what you're driving out there but this is the world we live in nap. It's you know it's mostly done online. And so it is incumbent upon us then to create the collateral which signifies the customer. You're not just getting a bag with this. You're buying into the peak design ecosystem in along with it comes it certain aspirational element. You know and like some things are just simply utilitarian. Carry more with it in each customer has a different threshold for win. Wear they want the aspirational product. And when they just need something that gets the job done. Peter based on what you're saying i would not have guessed that you would have come out with this video last week because you sound pretty much i if it was purely. A this. Come from your. Cmo was this purely of sales and marketing tactic. No wasn't a sales and marketing tack. It came from us like we were talking about that this morning. It was it was almost like catharsis right. It's i mean. I'm not to say that it's not illegal or morally corrupt. I mean that. I don't think it's a shot across the bow. I mean it's absolutely like a big old slap to peak design. I mean it's you. Know it both signifies like okay. You guys are important after knock off but it's also like we're gonna be really egregious about it. Well we're gonna fight right. We're going to be agreed about our response and the way that we're going to do that as we're going to take the high road and just pave the road all over your face. So that's That's where the response came by the way. I think there's side business in here somewhere. Because i talked to sellers every day that have the same experience in with your production ability. I think you could start your own youtube channel on sellers who've had their products cop. Maybe your next product could be googly eyes for fun that we've already thought of the wing upscale on that right we're thinking like spring loaded aluminum Really nice aluminum probably a setting to change the amount of light transmission that occurs because those things begin to have some problems there. So so that's that's kind of filariases if we didn't have a very brief thick product road map right. Now we'd probably working on the premium version of googly eyes. Because i'm pretty sure we made them sell out for people who haven't seen the video yet when you watch you'll understand what we're talking about. There are two characters they're and peter is one of them u s. I'm the subordinate who are essentially the amazon basics team in parody and yes at the is my main man joe calendar. He joined the team about a year ago. A documentary filmmaker and one funny son of a gun and really you talked about production value. Yeah we actually do have pretty great in-house production value extremely good but that was less about production value. And that's just about having hired funny people. I do want to point out that. Not only is the trapezoidal. Patch the logo the same but as you point out amazon initially named its bag everyday sling the same exact as the peak design camera bag. I wonder how much of this discussion is about. Policy versus just sheer incompetence. I mean at some point if feels just ham handed what they did versus corrupt. It certainly although if i was trying to knock it off i would probably you know search terms matter in all viagra algorithm stuff and so that's probably why they did that again which i consider like it's super aggressive like i don't operate my business that way we don't we don't not even close to it but i'm also like i'm like other people can choose to do that end. It is literally taking the low road. You know it's a well traffic path. Peter i talked to sellers all the time and by the way i had a chance to talk to any palmer of cnbc. Who who wrote a story. I know i know that she interviewed you. She was the one that told me that the name had been changed and i was like see any. Your work is is making positive. Change in the world here but i talked to sellers every day where a reporter will come to me and they will say. I'm hearing this happening in the cellar community. Can you help me get in contact with the seller. Who's willing to talk on the record about this and you know what nine times out of ten they say. Peter no way. I'm not talking about that. I'm too afraid of having my listings permanently taking down. I'm too afraid of retribution. from amazon. Did that ever cross your mind before you hit the play button on this amazing youtube video slightly. I think that amazon is less vindictive end participants to retribution than people might assume i actually think it's just like all they're trying to do is the whole world automated and so i don't think they have even have this emotional aspect actually called up one of my buddies on the day. It launched who works at amazon. And i was what i what i was relating to him was the story where we had We had a great year and twenty nine thousand hundred with amazon and we actually had an account rep right in. His main job is he was actually helping us. You know like it was nice to have a person to talk to but he was also really trying to get us to sell ads in basically we were doing such good organic growth in like it will buy some ads but we like were the profit margins are at right now and we don't really like to advertise that much and he's just like really think you guys should advertise more and we'd ever did in. He did say this is. This is curious maybe even conspiratorial but on his way out the door he said you guys had an amazing year this year. I don't think it's going to be this easy for you. In twenty twenty. And i don't know like i i dropped that little breadcrumbs here. I don't know what it means. I think that it is I know it's a curious little anecdote. Nice little camera bag. You've got there. It'd be a shame of simpson happy valley. And i don't i don't know if you can connect those dots fairly but certainly if you want to join the ranks conspiracy you can but but to be quite boring about it. I think that it's probably way gorgeous. Algorithm data driven. And you know the problems that we had in twenty twenty which indeed we really did were more related to shipping getting getting products in there but there was a global pandemic. And i think that i i think that the by far and away. The most innovative part of amazon is their logistics right. It's like the digital stuff. I'm mildly impressed by. It is the fact that prime shipping is now usually one day right in and they saw the writing on the wall and they worked super hard on that tooth and nail in order to make that thing a reality and i would be a lot less pumped about that if they hadn't been one of the early movers to go to fifteen dollars an hour and i actually think amazon's capacity or the bigger. You are.

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