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Garcia as corona virus continues to spread across the nation classes have been suspended at several universities on the east coast including Columbia and Hofstra in California passengers aboard the grand princess cruise ships are expected to disembark in Oakland later today twenty one people on that ship have been infected with corona virus overseas the government in Italy has imposed quarantines that the outbreak worsens there CBS news correspondent Charlie d'agata is in Rome in the war against corona virus Italy chose the nuclear option a complete lock down a quarantine of sixteen million people twice the population of New York City a region that includes Venice and Milan it's financial capital a quarter of the country's population nobody in or out until April third in a country already on the verge of a recession oil prices continue to plunge but CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger says that's a double edged sword the good news is that if you are thinking about driving a car over the next few weeks you're probably going to see gas prices drifted lower the bad news is that US oil producers rely on oil being at a high enough level so that they can make money so this is not very good for the energy industry in the United States Twitter has use its new manipulated media label for the first time on a video clip featuring Joe Biden the video retweeted by president trump chose the former vice president stumbling during a speech he says the words excuse me we can only re elect Donald Trump but his full statement actually was excuse me we can only real like Donald Trump if in fact we engaged in the circular firing squad here CBS news tech consultant Larry maggot as the campaign goes on I suspect we're gonna see a lot of examples where people post on Twitter Facebook and other social media platforms images videos speeches and other media that is in some way manipulated or truncated to change the meaning of what the person said or did what it takes something out of context and the platforms are struggling with ways to at the very least label this type of deceptive content Twitter's new policy was enacted after years of criticism that the company has not done enough to prevent harassment on the platform the White House is wrapping up its response to corona virus and the trump administration has a new chief of staff to help with the effort here's this nation's Margaret Brennan on North Carolina congressman mark meadows Mulvaney will be moving into a job as an envoy to this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app download it today I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's heart attack thanks he's okay now but it really got me thinking about my family you know good my wife still pay our mortgage if I had a heart problem okay my kids.

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